History Department
History Department

Graduate Program Forms

Course Forms

Conference Course Agreement (PDF)
—Required for enrollment in Independent Study coursework (HIS 391C).

M.A. Course Form (PDF)
—Required to enroll in the M.A. Report or Thesis.

Qualifying Exam Course (PDF)
—Required to enroll in reading coursework in preparation for the qualifying exam (HIS 393L).

Report on Comprehensive Qualifying Examination (PDF)
—Required after completion of the comprehensive qualifying exam

Funding Forms

History Department Fellowship Application (PDF)

—Application for academic-year fellowships. Applications may also be submitted for a one-semester fellowship. Due March 1, 2022.

Professional Development Application (PDF)
—Application for funding for presenting papers at academic conferences. Only students who have advanced to candidacy are eligible to apply. Spring application due March 1, 2022.

TA Application (PDF)
—Application for Teaching Assistant position for an academic year; for students who do not have guaranteed TA offers.
Due April 10, 2022.

Summer TA Application (PDF)
—Summer TAships are awarded on the basis of seniority. Due April 10, 2022.

AI Application (PDF)
—Application for Assistant Instructor. 2022-23 applications due February 1, 2022. 

GRA Application (PDF)
—Application for Graduate Research Assistant. Due April 10, 2022.