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Teaching Assistants

The History Department has a limited number of Teaching Assistant positions available each year. Most are awarded to students as part of multi-year recruitment packages; a few are available to students who do not have guaranteed funding. TA work consists of grading examinations and other assignments and holding weekly office hours. (For more information about departmental expectations for TAs see related documents in the Useful Info panel on the right.)

Teaching Assistants receive a stipend in the amount of $15,682 per year. TAs holding regular appointments of at least 20 hours a week also receive health insurance benefits and tuition assistance (see Office of Graduate Studies' TA/AI Tuition Assistance web page).

TA assignments to specific courses are generally made several weeks before the start of each semester. Assignment preferences are solicited from faculty and prospective TAs before the assignments are made; TAs also have the opportunity at this time to provide information about their schedules to so that TA assignments do not interfere with coursework. Although every effort is made to accommodate faculty and student preferences, because of the number of courses and respective schedules that need to be coordinated, faculty and students may not always get their first, or even third, registered preferences.

Graduate Research Assistants

The History Department also regularly employs several Graduate Research Assistants to work with various departmental programs. The GRAs are paid at the same rate as TAs. 20 hour positions (full time) receive health insurance benefits and a full tuition payment.

The department currently has four ongoing year-long GRA positions:

  • Institute for Historical Research GRA (20 hours) 
  • Not Even Past GRA (20 hours)
  • Social Media Manager (10 hours)

In addition to these regular appointments, the department hires short term, semester, and year long positions as they become available:     

  • GRA for Individual Faculty or Faculty Led Projects (10-20 hours)
  • Ad Hoc Short Term GRA (1-10 hours)

A call for applications for ongoing positions will be emailed to the History Graduate Student email list every Spring. Calls for short term, semester, and year long positions will be sent out when they become available. Applications can be found here.

Out-of-State Tuition Waivers 

Note that graduate students who hold TA or GRA positions are eligible for in-state tuition rates. They must, however, file for a waiver each semester before their bill is due. Students may file for a waiver through UT Direct: Tuition Bill Waivers.

International students who hold TA or GRA positions are also eligible for insurance waivers. For more information, visit the International Office - Student Insurance waiver website.

English Language Exams

Students who are not native speakers of English must pass a language examination before they can be appointed to positions as Teaching Assistants. For more information, visit the International Office - ESL Services website: http://www.utexas.edu/student/esl/.

For more information about graduate student employment, visit the Office of Graduate Studies' student employment page: Student Employment, Academic Appointments.

Last Updated: Aug 2020