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Alumni Choose Prof. Juliet E. K. Walker As One of Top 10 UT Professors

Sat, June 3, 2017
Alumni Choose Prof. Juliet E. K. Walker As One of Top 10 UT Professors
Professor Juliet E. K. Walker

History Professor Juliet E. K. Walker has been chosen as one of this year’s celebrated Texas Ten, an annual award granted by the Alcalde alumni magazine.
Dr. Walker has taught African American History here at the University of Texas-Austin since 2001. Over a storied, forty-year career, she has earned a wide variety of accolades, including the title of “foremost scholar in black business history in America.”

“From lengthy, heartwarming diatribes about life-changing lectures to all-caps declarations of a professor’s awesomeness, each year, the Texas 10 nominations elicit a feeling of pride for Longhorns,” says the magazine. “And why not? Alumni finally have the chance to give their favorite professor an A+. It’s recognition for those who have made a lasting impact on our lives.” Dr. Walker was chosen from among 75 nominees, themselves chosen by UT-Austin alumni from among our more than 3,000 university faculty.
The alumni award is particularly fitting, as Dr. Walker’s primary concern has always been for her students. “I treat them like I would want my children, my sons to be treated,” Dr. Walker told us in an interview. “I have two sons, and I have three grandchildren. That's how I interact with students.”
Dr. Walker’s classes typically involve research assignments that challenge students not only to produce thoughtful, original work, but also to stick to a schedule that involves several in-person meetings with her to discuss their projects. By design, her office hours are typically populated by multiple students at once, which she hopes will give them the opportunity to build intellectual connections both with her and each other. “It's important to me that the students get this interaction with a professor and also their fellow classmates,” she explained, “so it becomes part of who they are as their education goes onward and upward."
With a focus on critical thinking and research skills, Dr. Walker ultimately strives to help prepare students for whatever future they may choose. “My purpose is not for the moment, but to provide the kind of knowledge and skills that once students leave, whether they go on to a graduate program in law or medicine, or if they take a job in business, or if they pursue an MBA - once you get into a graduate program, or any kind of job, you have to do more. Unless you're going to be a drone, you have to be innovative, you have to expand the goals of whatever situation you're in.”
You can read the Alcalde’s interview with Dr. Walker and the rest of this year’s Texas Ten here.

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Story by Rebecca Adeline Johnston, Ph.D Student, UT History Dept.

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