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Recognized for research, publications, teaching, and community outreach, Jeremi Suri marks banner year in 2017

Fri, December 22, 2017
Recognized for research, publications, teaching, and community outreach, Jeremi Suri marks banner year in 2017
Professor Jeremi Suri, author of "The Impossible Presidency"

Story by Jennifer Levin, History and Plan I Honors, University of Texas at Austin

With an illustrious academic career already firmly established, Dr. Jeremi Suri, the Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs, added an array of achievements to his CV this year in the areas of research, publication, teaching, and community outreach. Professor Suri published a book, wrote and was quoted in numerous articles, op-eds, and book reviews, and appeared in many TV, radio, and podcast segments. He was recognized with two prestigious awards: the Pro Bene Meritis award from the College of Liberal Arts and the President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award.
The Pro Bene Meritis award, which is the highest honor bestowed by the College of Liberal Arts, honors individuals who, through their dedication to the liberal arts, have made significant contributions in professional or philanthropic pursuits or in service to the College. The President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award, an annual, university-wide award, recognizes excellence in educating undergraduates through the core curriculum.
“I feel privileged to be able to work with, to teach, to do research with so many talented young people at UT and elsewhere,” Professor Suri says. “They are the up-and-coming leaders of our society and that makes me so optimistic.” Professor Suri will be recognized for the two awards this spring.
These awards come just a few months after Professor Suri’s new book The Impossible Presidency: The Rise and Fall of America’s Highest Office (Basic Books, 2017) was published in September. The book traces the development of the American presidency, from its beginnings as a small and limited office to the powerful and far-reaching position that exists today. Professor Suri argues that the rise of the presidency’s power has also resulted in its general inability to meet the expectations of the American public, writing, “Despite their dominance, modern presidents have rarely achieved what they wanted because they have consistently overcommitted, overpromised, and overreached.”
Professor Suri has appeared in a number of book talks showcasing The Impossible Presidency, including at the Texas Book Festival in November. In September, Professor Suri was also featured on UT’s Not Even Past, where he wrote an article and discussed his book on the 15 Minute History podcast.
Since January, Professor Suri has also written 20 articles and op-eds. These pieces, which range from “Training Effective Diplomats for the 21st Century” (co-authored with Robert Hutchings) to “Restoring the Presidency to What the Founders Intended,” have been published on the local and national media, including the Austin-American Statesman, the Washington Post, and The Atlantic. Over 45 articles have also mentioned or quoted Professor Suri in the past year. These articles reached their height in September, with the publishing of The Impossible Presidency. He has also been a guest on over 40 TV, radio, and podcast segments, including with Slate, National Public Media, and CBS.
Professor Suri emphasizes the importance of engaging the public with historical research. “I think it’s our job as historians to provide citizens with a broader context and deeper understanding of the issues that are so controversial,” he says. “I believe that the work we do as historians is more necessary than ever because if people don’t understand the history that brought us to this moment, they can’t begin to talk about improvements and solutions.”
In the new year, Professor Suri will appear in more book talks around the country. He will also discuss his book on March 20, 2018, at the IHS History Faculty New Book Series.
Below is an abbreviated list Dr. Suri's publications and news in 2017 --

• “Training Effective Diplomats for the 21st Century” (co-authored with Robert Hutchings, Foreign Service Journal)
• “The U.S. Presidency Has Become An Impossible Job: Here Are Three Ideas to Fix It” (TED)
• “Donald Trump and the ‘Madman’ Playbook” (Wired)
• “How 9/11 Triggered Democracy’s Decline” (Washington Post)
• “The Wisdom of Limited Power: How to Fix the “Impossible Presidency” (War on the Rocks)
• “The Guns of August are ‘Locked and Loaded’” (American Prospect)
• “How Trump’s Executive Orders Could Set America Back 70 Years” (Atlantic Magazine)
• “Blustering Toward Armageddon: How Donald Trump Will Take America to War” (American Prospect)
• “Election Day Isn’t About Counting Votes. It’s About Whose Votes Count” (Washington Post)
• “Trump’s Attacks on Economic Regulations Will Create Another Era of Robber Barons (The Conversation)
• “How Our Government Fell Apart: And How to Begin to Put the Pieces Back Together” (New York Daily News)
• “Restoring the Presidency to What the Founders Intended” (Dallas Morning NewsCorpus Christi Caller Times)
• “Trump is Everything the Founding Fathers Feared in a President” (History News Network)
• “Trump Disrespects Nation-Building, but it is the Key to Long-Term Victory in Afghanistan” (New York Daily News)
• “Memorial Day, Leadership, and National Service” (Originally appeared in Psychology Today, and various newspapers)
• “Trump’s First 100 Days of Shame” (Originally appeared in USA Today, and various newspapers)
• “Trump is Taking Us Back to the Late 1920s” (Dallas Morning News)
• “What Trump Should Say in His Inaugural Address” (Originally appeared in Psychology Today, and various newspapers)
• “The Strange Career of Nation-Building as a Concept in US Foreign Policy (In Jean-Francois Drolet and James Dunkerley, eds. American Foreign Policy: Studies in Intellectual History (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2017), 33-45)
• “A Depressed and Self-Destructive President: Richard Nixon in the White House” (Jeffrey Engel and Thomas Knock, eds. When Life Strikes the President (Oxford University Press, 2017), 233-255.

• “Lessons for 2018 From One of America’s Most Tumultuous Years” (TIME)
• “The case for normalizing impeachment” (Vox)
• “It’s not just Donald Trump, it’s the inflated presidency” (The Cap Times)
• “Austin’s literary scene on display as Texas Book Festival approaches” (KVUE)
• “9 new books we recommend this week” (The New York Times)
• “New GI Bill lets veterans use education funds whenever they want” (MarketPlace)
• “Plain talk: Millennials may be hope for breaking political gridlock” (The Cap News)
• “Holiday gift guide: Books” (The Washington Post)
• “JFK – What might have been?” (Fox 7)
• “Will the real world leaders please stand up?” (The Washington Post)
• “Has the presidency become and ‘impossible’ job?” (The Cap Times)
• “UT professor’s new book examines burden of U.S. presidency” (The Daily Texan)
• “LBJ professors debate contested future of US-Russia relations” (The Daily Texan)
• “Is Obama’s foreign-policy legacy disappearing?” (The Atlantic)
• “History expert weighs in on significance of JFK assassination records release” (KXANArkLaTex)
• “Do Americans need a prime minister?” (The New York Times)
• “ISD hosts Jeremi Suri on The Impossible Presidency” (Georgetown University)
• “Why isn’t there a debate about America’s grand strategy?” (National Interest)
• “The Devil of a Job” (The Wall Street Journal)
• “Is the American presidency an impossible job?” (KUT)
• “Professor talks about historical progression of presidential role” (The Daily Texan)
• “Texas professor explains why the world’s most-powerful office was set up to fail” (Dallas Morning News)
• “The American Presidency: a job just too huge for any leader” (The Washington Post)
• “The madman theory of North Korea” (The New Yorker)
• “UT professors weigh in on impact of rising rhetoric between White House, North Korea” (TWC)
• “Remaking the presidency” (U.S. News & World Report)
• “Professor: City a target for hate groups due to ‘Keep Austin Weird’ diversity” (KXAN)
• “Freedom of speech: How far does it go?” (KVUE)
• “Turner gives us some details on plan to consider removal of confederate monuments” (Houston Public Media)
• “Confederate leaders memorialized in, around Texas state capitol” (Spectrum)
• “Protesters rally their forces over Confederate monument” (Houston Chronicle)
• “Nixon sometimes met with leaders without his own translator” (Politifact)
• “Cold War summit recalled by New Jersey college” (University News)
• “UT professor analyzes Trump’s response to Comey testimony” (KVUE)
• “One-day university program coming to Seacoast” (Fosters)
• “Beyond signal: How Trump staffers could encrypt and archive” (The Paralla)
• “Comey firing related to Trump-Russia investigation” (CBS)
• “UT history professor weighs in on Comey firing” (KXAN)
• “Why the Comey firing may contribute to foreign distrust of the Trump administration” (Texas Standard)
• “Does Trump presidency herald end of ‘American Age’, Wilsonian idealism?” (Middle East Eye)
• “UT Political expert says President Trump’s speech will impact Texans” (CBS)
• “Texans have a pipeline to President Trump on Syria” (KXAN)
• “Without a clear strategy, Syrian missile strikes are risky for Trump” (Kera News)
• “Exploring the History Policy Nexus (p. 62)” (The Foreign Service Journal)
• “Four potential foreign policy flashpoints under the Trump administration” (Texas Standard)
• “Why Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz met with the President of Taiwan” (Austin American-Statesman)
• “The new battlefront: Cyberspace” (Time Warner Cable News)
• Podcast with Paul Gibbons, on how knowledge of history improves leadership
• East West Institute, on the challenges and opportunities of the modern presidency
• Wisconsin Public Radio, on presidential authority over nuclear weapons & why we need limits
• Podcast with Dr. Alvin Jones on The Impossible Presidency
• National Public Radio, Marketplace on the new GI Bill and its history
• KERA Think, Public Radio on why every president fails
• Houston Matters, Public Radio on the difficult state of our nation
• Podcast: Slate, The Gist, The Presidency is Impossible
• Podcast: Global I.Q. Minute, on The Impossible Presidency
• Wisconsin Public Radio, on The Impossible Presidency
• Texas Standard, Public Radio, on The Impossible Presidency
• New Orleans Public Radio, “The Reading Life,” on The Impossible Presidency
• Houston Matters, Public Radio on Trump’s decision to deport 800,000 workers and students, and continuing crises in Houston and North Korea
• Podcast, 15-Minute History on The Impossible Presidency
• Houston Matters, Public Radio on Confederate statues, state politics, and our racist president
• Texas Standard, Public Radio on US responses to North Korean threats
• Wisconsin Public Radio on the North Korea crisis
• Houston Matters, Public Radio on changes in the Trump administration, electoral conflict in Venezuela, and Texas politics
• Texas Standard, Public Radio on Iraq, ISIS, and the continuing terrorist threat
• Houston Matters, Public Radio on Russian collusion with the Trump presidential campaign and the Special Session for the Texas state legislature
• Houston Matters, Public Radio on Pres. Trump, Gov. Abbott, and other paragons of poor governance
• Houston Matters, Public Radio on President Trump, foreign policy, and domestic politics
• Texas Standard, Public Radio on the international effects of Trump’s lies and Comey’s firing
• Wisconsin Public Radio on President Trump’s early foreign policy challenges
• Wisconsin Public Radio on Syrian chemical weapons attacks on civilians
• Texas Standard, Public Radio on North Korean nuclear missile tests
• Public Radio on how Pres. Trump is taking us back to the 1930s
• Texas Standard, Public Radio on President Trump’s reckless early foreign policy
• Wisconsin Public Radio on foreign policy under President Donald Trump
• Listen to additional interviews and podcasts at: jeremisuri.net/audio
• “Why I wrote The Impossible Presidency” (Humanities Media Project, College of Liberal Arts, UT Austin)
• “The Impossible Presidency” (Fox 7)
• “(Mis)Managing the North Korea Crisis” (Fox 7)
• “The Evolution of the American Presidency) (C-Span Washington Journal)
• “The Battle Over Confederate Monuments (KVUE)
• “President Trump’s Self-Defeating Responses to James Comey’s Testimony” (KVUE)
• “Former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate Testimony and Teaching US History” (KXAN)
• “The Terrorist Attacks in London and U.S. Policy” (Fox 7)
• “America’s Changing Relations with Foreign Allies” (Fox 7)
• “The Politics of Choosing a New FBI Director” (KVUE)
• “The Fallout from President Trump’s Firing of FBI Director Comey and the Future of American Democracy (KXAN)
• “Pres. Trump’s First Two Weeks of Reckless Policy” (Fox 7)
• “Protecting Separation of Church and State in Politics” (KVUE)
• “National Security in a Trump Presidency, with Eliot Cohen” (UVA Miller Center, American Forum, PBS Television)
• “Trump’s Inauguration and the Meaning of the Boycotts” (KXAN)
• Watch additional news videos at: jeremisuri.net/video

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