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Fourth edition of Alumni Newsletter published

Fri, October 1, 2010
Fourth edition of Alumni Newsletter published
Vol. 4 of History Department Alumni Newsletter

The latest edition of the Department of History’s Alumni Newsletter showcases achievements and honors of alumni, students, and faculty.

Alumni are recognized for best dissertation, lifetime achievements, and book publications. There are stories on special events of the past year including the regional undergraduate research conference hosted by The University of Texas’ (UT) Beta Alpha chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the Normandy Scholar Program’s yearly trip to World War II-related sites in Europe, and graduate student accomplishments recognized both from within and outside the department.

Possibly no other event quite showcases what the department and university are about than commencement. It’s the culmination of years of “hitting the books,” writing papers—especially for history majors—quizzes and projects due.
This year’s graduation speaker was Department of History Chair Bryant “Tip” Ragan of Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Ragan praised the students’ choice of history as their major because, as he said, “History stokes our passions…it encourages us to be more cosmopolitan…demands that we be honest.”

Take a look at the breadth and depth of a few of our senior students’ theses topics from the History Honors Program:

  • “Soviet Agents and the First United Front in China, 1919-1927”
  • “British Policy in post-World War I Palestine: Pro and Anti-Zionist?”
  • “Mexico-U.S. Relations to Early post-Revolutionary Mexico: A Study of the Santa Isabel Case”
  • “Lyndon B. Johnson, ACDA and Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy in the 1960s.”

This year, as last, our faculty received numerous awards, both national and international. There are stories on several best first book awards, a 25th anniversary book edition, best book on Texas prize, a medical school’s storied prize, UT’s outstanding graduate teaching award, and more.
In June, the faculty lent their expertise and recent research insights to Texas schoolteachers by making themselves available for the Humanities Texas’ Austin Institute at the LBJ Museum. And for the second—yes—second year in a row, three more faculty members were awarded the Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Awards.

The Institute for Historical Studies that took the campus by storm last year continued to do so with another year of well-attended workshops, conferences with international presenters, and forthcoming publications in the works.

Alumni and friends are invited to view the entire newsletter, which can be downloaded as a (PDF, 3.8KB). There is also a newly created newsletter web page listing the current edition’s table of contents.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list or would like to consider making a tax-deductible gift to the Department of History, please contact the Assistant Dean for Development Kathleen Aronson by e-mail or phone 512-475-9763.
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