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Frank Guridy discusses anthology on Latina/o life, stereotypes

Tue, April 12, 2011
Frank Guridy discusses anthology on Latina/o life, stereotypes
Prof. Frank Guridy

The cover art for Beyond El Barrio: Everyday Life in Latina/o America features tall, spindly apartment complexes overlooking a street that disappears into the distance. The buildings are a reflection of barrios themselves: colorful, unbound by straight lines and rigid structures, each one different yet tied together as a community.

Frank Guridy, co-editor of Beyond El Barrio (NYU Press, 2010) and associate professor in the Department of History, set out to explore these notions of el barrio as both a place and a metaphor while attempting to address the negative connotations they often hold for outsiders.

What began as a project during graduate school more than a decade ago, has become a relevant collection of essays that approaches the many diverse Latina/o communities from an interdisciplinary angle.

Guridy recently answered a few questions for ShelfLife@Texas about Beyond El Barrio.

What prompted the creation of this anthology? Within our current culture, what makes this book especially relevant?
It started when I was in graduate school in 2000. The co-editors of the project and I had talked about the need for a book that combined and focused on the different Latino populations within the United States. We thought of what it would be like if we could bring together different works on these diverse communities into one book, from an interdisciplinary approach. So it started like that, a conversation.

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By Maysie Ocera

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