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Not Even Past website honored by Texas State Legislature

Wed, April 13, 2011
Not Even Past website honored by Texas State Legislature
Photo taken on floor of House of Representatives

The House of Representatives House Resolution No. 963 commemorates the Department of History with creating “an interactive website that puts the expertise of its faculty at the service of the general citizenry and that provides a public forum for the discussion of historical and contemporary events.”

It was sponsored by Rep. John Kuempel, (R-Seguin), a University of Texas graduate with a major in history.

The resolution also applauds the website for the way it “brings together a diverse group of historians with international reputations in every major historical field and time period and uses new technology to make their perspectives on topics in Texas, U.S., and world history available to a popular audience…”

The resolution notes that the House of Representatives holds Not Even Past in "high regard" and extends “best wishes for continued success” to the department and the website.

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Photo caption:
First row: Jennifer Eckel, history graduate student and assistant editor NEP; Joan Neuberger, professor of history and editor NEP; Randy Diehl, dean of College of Liberal Arts
Back row: Rep. John Kuempel, (R-Seguin); Alan Tully, chair of Department of History; Josiah M. Daniel, III, chair of History Visiting Committee, M.A. in history, 1986; and Rep. Joe Straus, (R-Bexar), Speaker of the House

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