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History Department

Jeremi Suri in the news in October

Thu, November 3, 2011

New York Times Magazine, Rethinking That ‘Special Relationship’ Between the U.S. and Britain. October 28.

All About Living with Carol Koby: Jeremi Suri on Nation-building (radio interview). October 27. 

Salon.com, Is America Really an Empire? October 26. 

National Public Radio, In Libya, U.S. Steers Clear of Nation-Building October 21.

Global Brief, Gadhafi's Death and Middle East. October 21.

New York Times Book Review, Liberty's Surest Guardian. October 14.

New York Times Opinion pages, America the Overcommitted. October 13. 

Firedoglake.com, Online Discussion of Liberty's Surest Guardian. October 9.

Dailybeast.com, Our Next Step in the Middle East. October 7. 

American Public Media, What the Occupy Wall Street Protesters Want. October 3.



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