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Prof. Brands' new FDR biography chosen as Main Selection by two book clubs

Tue, October 21, 2008

Although born to wealth and privilege, Franklin D. Roosevelt is renowned for his successful legislation that improved the lives of the poor and marginalized in society. Brands covers this and much more, including FDR's leadership during World War II and his remarkable partnership with his wife, Eleanor, who made many important contributions to his presidency. Brands is the Dickson, Allen, Anderson Centennial Professor in the Department of History.

His newest book on FDR's private and public life gets rave reviews from fellow historians as well. "H.W. Brands is a master at finding the essence of an important American life, telling its story grippingly and showing us why it is important to our own generation....It deserves a wide audience, especially among those younger Americans who need to be told why we all owe so much to FDR," writes Michael Beschloss, American historian, author, and U.S. presidency expert. Beschloss regularly appears on PBS and ABC.

Prof. David Oshinsky writes, “This is a rare book, indeed, shedding new light and brilliant insight upon an elusive subject we thought we knew well. In this elegant, all-encompassing portrayal, master historian H.W. Brands shows us a leader who got the big issues right and, in doing so, forever changed the expectations of the world.” Oshinsky is a professor in the Department of History, University of Texas at Austin, and winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for History.

Traitor to His Class has also been chosen to be a Featured Alternate of the Military Book Club and of the Quality Paperback Book Club when it is published in paperback in six months.

Brands is the author of twenty-two books, the latest of which are The Money Men (2006), Andrew Jackson (2005), Lone Star Nation (2004), Woodrow Wilson (2003), and The Age of Gold (2002). He has also coauthored or edited five other books and published numerous articles.

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