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Normandy Scholar Program on WW II hosts table at EXPLORE UT

Thu, March 13, 2008

There were two parts to the booth: 1) Matt Kennedy, NS '06, dressed in a WW II U.S. army uniform, gave hands-on experience as to what it felt like—equipment-wise—to be a U.S. Army paratrooper, helping students put on a paratrooper's full equipment set, and 2) there were several other scholars to talk about pictures and information sheets on the NSP, explaining to prospective Normandy Scholars and their parents about the benefits of the program. "Three soldiers even wanted to come back to school, so they could go through the program," said John Dryden, NS '07. "The soldiers found it interesting to have a tangible connection to the men who came before them in uniform."

"They appreciated that schools and colleges take an interest in what the military has done and is doing," Dryden said. Most of them are naturally curious about warfare, diplomacy, and history, because of their current vocations and were excited about the prospect of participating in a program that caters to their interests, he added.

By far, the NSP booth was one of the more popular with lots of people crowded around the table throughout the day. It even received attention and press from the Austin American-Statesman and other newspapers that came by to take pictures of even very young children trying to put on a paratrooper's equipment on their backs.

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