History Department
History Department

History Commencement Ceremony 2006

Wed, May 24, 2006

More than 180 of the 250 graduating students participated in the commencement ceremony. In the History Department's Graduate Program, there were three students of the four students who received their PhDs and 12 students who received their Master's that participated in the ceremony.

Opening remarks by Chair Dr. Alan Tully recognized the graduates for their accomplishments and the faculty for their teaching/research awards including a second Pulitzer Prize recipient.

The University of Texas at San Antonio President Ricardo Romo gave the commencement speech. Romo graduated from UT Austin in 1967 with a Bachelor's degree in Education and a teaching field in History. Prof. Romo talked about not seeing "the light" about history until he took history classes at UT. It was then that history as a subject changed forever to become a relevant and integral part of anyone's education.

After graduation from UT, Romo taught high school in Los Angeles. Eventually he came back to his hometown of San Antonio to become the president of The University of Texas.

Romo reminded students about the skills they have learned and how those skills will be a necessary part of their daily lives. He also stressed that "education is a life-long process," and encouraged them to continue that pursuit of knowledge throughout their lives.

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