History Department
History Department

Phi Alpha Theta asks you to answer History questions

Wed, November 16, 2005

You don't even have to be a history major to join. But your GPA needs to be 3.0, and 3.5 in your history classes. You also need to be at least a junior or higher and have taken at least 12 hours of history courses.

Co-Presidents Minnie Tsai and Shannon Barry along with VP, Anthony Ricciardelli, and Treasurer, Blake Russler, ask the questions to each other when no students are passing by.

A few questions?
1. Who was the youngest and oldest Defense Secretary in the U.S.?
2. Who was the youngest person to become U.S. president?
3. What's the first word of the text of the U.S. Constitution?

1. Donald Rumsfeld
2. Theodore Roosevelt
3. We

National Honor Society in History, Phi Alpha Theta...

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