History Department
History Department

Executive Assistant Gail Davis receives staff excellence award

Thu, September 29, 2005

Out of more than 40 nominees from throughout the college, only 4 were chosen for this award. Previous winners sorted through all the nominating letters to arrive at their decisions. Davis received a plaque from Dean Lariviere stating "in recognition of consistently superior performance, and dedicated service, the College of Liberal Arts is pleased to present this Excellence Award." Davis also received a cash award of $1000.

Here are some statements made about her service to the department from professors and staff members.

"Gail Davis has transformed our department. She manages her staff with diplomacy, dexterity and good humor. She works easily with faculty, continually finding ways to help them free up more time and attract more resources to teach, research and write. Her down-to earth practical sense, her unquestioned integrity, her eye for the big important things -- and the little important things -- have, quite simply, made the History Department a wonderful home for us all."
Dr. Alan Tully, Chair, History Department

"Some office managers possess that unusual mix of administrative skills and personal touch that create an ideal working environment at once efficient and congenial. Gail Davis is one of them. She is highly dedicated and caring, always ready to help, and a pleasure to work with. To the pivotal administrative role she plays in this large department she brings unquestioned integrity, common sense, and good cheer, and these qualities are reflected in the cooperative spirit of the entire staff and the smooth running of the officea^?|"
Dr. Abraham Marcus, History Department

"I think Gail's greatest asset is her innate trust in the staff to do their jobs without interference or micro-managing. That independence creates a fantastic work environment where everyone feels important and necessary. She makes it a wonderful place to be."
Geoff Pearson, Course Scheduler, History Department

"Gail quietly leads this department and makes it functional and fun. She has a way of bringing out the best in faculty, staff, and administrative colleagues. She manages to give each individual credit for what we contribute. Congratulations to her for a job well done."
Nancy Sutherland, Academic Advisor, History Department

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