History Department
History Department

History Professor featured in Liberal Arts Life and Letters Newsletter

Tue, August 2, 2005

Every day we communicate instantaneously with people who are 100, 1000, and even 10,000 miles away. We do so via phones with cords and phones without cords, and on computers where sending an email can take minutes, or even seconds, to reach its intended party.

Most of us don't consider these electronic feats any more amazing than turning on a television and watching the Olympics take place in Greece. And they're not. They're all equally spectacular. Scientists such as Newton, Copernicus, Einstein and Darwin dealt with the spectacular-the marvels of ingenious thought. Their inventive spirits live on in the seemingly ordinary, yet truly extraordinary, routines of our lives. And while most of us take these avant-garde innovators for granted, Dr. Bruce Hunt-historian, student of physics and overall inquisitive guy-doesn't.

Photo by Marsha Miller.

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