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Associate Professor selected as faculty fellow at new Strauss Center

Fri, October 19, 2007

The goal of the new partnership is to expand and deepen cooperation, innovation and exchange of ideas in higher education and advanced research on global affairs. The two countries will work together to study global problems, each bringing their unique perspectives to the discussion. The project, "Russia, America and the World," will sponsor collaborative research, faculty and student exchanges, internships, joint conferences and symposia, and a joint Web site.

"Our partnership with MGIMO comes at a critical time when Washington and Moscow disagree on how to address many important issues," Strauss Center Director James M. Lindsay said. "Working together with MGIMO will sustain an important dialogue and prepare a new generation of emerging leaders to solve the complex global challenges that both countries - and the world - will face in the 21st century."

The Strauss Center works to engage the best minds in academia, government and the private sector in developing practical solutions to the pressing problems of an increasingly globalized world. Randy Diehl, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, serves on the center's governing board, and four liberal arts professors are Strauss Center fellows for 2007-08. They are Catherine Boone, professor of government, Mark Lawrence, associate professor of history, Ami Pedahzur, associate professor of government and Middle Eastern studies, and Peter Trubowitz, associate professor of government. Fellows at the Strauss Center research, write, teach and engage in public discussion about a variety of pressing issues in global affairs.

"The tremendous diversity of our fellows in terms of their professional training and experience is the center's greatest strength," Strauss Center Director of Studies Francis J. Gavin said. "Issues in world affairs today are complex and multidimensional. Finding answers to these problems requires mobilizing experts from across a range of disciplines."

The Strauss Center-MGIMO partnership will be formally inaugurated at a conference held at MGIMO in Moscow, Russia, on Monday, Oct. 22. The conference, "Russia and the USA: Toward a Sustainable Partnership through Joint Research and Education," will feature discussions by senior American and Russian experts and business leaders on pressing global issues, including energy and the role of business today. U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings will address the conference on international cooperation in education.

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