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Each year, the Department of History highlights faculty, research and programs in feature stories on the university homepage. Below are the stories from the Department of History that have recently appeared on the homepage.

15 minute history UT's Chart-Topping History Lessons

Just ask the fans who keep putting UT’s “15 Minute History” podcast on the top of the charts in iTunes U, routinely topping other content providers such as Harvard University, NASA, Smithsonian Libraries and TED.

NSP Class of 2011 Normandy Scholar Program takes 22nd trip to WWII-related sites in Europe

“Life-changing” and “unforgettable” are two words that often come up when students describe their experience in the Normandy Scholar Program (NSP).

Stephen Mercer — 2011 Dean's Distinguished Graduate Stephen Mercer —2011 Dean's Distinguished Graduate

Stephen Mercer had a circuitous route to becoming a Dean’s Distinguished Graduate, one of only 12 students from the College of Liberal Arts.

Shennette Garrett-Scott earns her doctorate — and how! Shennette Garrett-Scott earns her doctorate — and how!

Shennette Garrett-Scott's doctorate didn't come easy. Her story was selected as one of 10 graduates to be featured on the university's home page this year. Here's her story.

NEPThe Past is Never Dead...

On January 10, 2011, the Department of History launches its new website devoted to making what we do here accessible to anyone interested in history.

Lindsey Carmichael Lindsey Carmichael — 2011 Dean's Distinguished Graduate

Two-time Paralympian Lindsey Carmichael's story is one of 10 students featured on The University of Texas' website highlighting the obstacles she overcame to reach her academic goals.

Joe Jamail blows kiss to the audience after receiving a standing ovation for his speech Storied lawyer and philanthropist Joe Jamail addresses class of 2011

The Department of History celebrated its 10th commencement ceremony with a speech from the renowned Houston lawyer and philanthropist, Mr. Joseph D. Jamail, J.D. '53, B.A. History '50, on Friday at 6 p.m., May 20, 2011. He received a standing ovation.

Civil War Symposium thumbnail Symposium to discuss the 1860-61 Secession Crisis for Americans

The Civil War Symposium to be held on Oct. 15, hosted by the Department of History's Institute for Historical Studies and The University of Texas Libraries' Littlefield Fund for Southern History, will review the recent book by Dr. Shearer Davis Bowman (1949-2009), At The Precipice: Americans North and South during the Secession Crisis (University of North Carolina Press, October 2010).

Falola feature thumbnail graphicDr. Toyin Falola receives 2010 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

Falola is recognized by colleagues and students for his tremendous contributions to graduate student teaching and mentoring.

Beauty shop politics feature thumbnail Q&A: Beauty Shop Politics

"While there is a very vibrant scholarship in African American history and African American women’s history, the issue of entrepreneurship is something that has sometimes been ignored,” says Tiffany Gill, while sitting down with us to discuss her book, Beauty Shop Politics: African American Women’s Activism in the Beauty Industry. “I wanted to add to that discourse."

feature thumbnail Independence and DecolonizationIndependence and Decolonization Conference explores these two crucial processes

In the bicentennial year of the Mexican Independence movement, three University of Texas (UT) history professors took the opportunity to assemble colleagues to present their newest research on the ways that the breakup of empires and the formation of newly independent states have shaped the world.

Jones MD feature thumbnailDr. Michael Jones returns to Forty Acres for B.A.

Plenty of people start and stop college work for various reasons on the way to completing their bachelor's degree. One of those people is Harvey Michael "Mike" Jones, M.D.

Onda Latina feature thumbnail"Onda Latina" online audio database showcased

Each year the Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment (DIIA) and the Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS) hosts an exhibition of the best projects produced during the past year. And "Onda Latina" made the 2010 cut.

feature thumbnail Contemplating JusticeContemplating Justice

Pulitzer Prize-winning History Professor David Oshinsky looks at the Supreme Court case that reshaped the death penalty in America

feature thumbnail ZamoraProf. Emilio Zamora's book on Mexican workers in Texas garners two awards as well as his selection as a Fellow to the Texas State Historical Association

The Texas Institute of Letters (TIL) awarded Zamora their 2009 most significant scholarly book award for Claiming Rights and Righting Wrongs in Texas; Mexican Workers and Job Politics during World War II at their annual awards banquet on May 1, 2010.

Thumbnail for Robert Abzug 2009 feature articleRobert Abzug analyzes the rise of psychotherapy in America in his class "The Birth of Psychotherapy"

The first day of class in "The Birth of Psychotherapy," taught by historian Dr. Robert Abzug, begins more like a group therapy session than a graduate seminar course.

FDR: Traitor to His Class? Historian H.W. Brands reviews Roosevelt's command performance, popular appeal, and Depression-era policies

In 1932, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt campaigned for the United States presidency, the country was in the darkest days of its deepest depression.

Memphis feature thumbnail imageLaurie Green looks at how decades of discrimination fueled pivotal fight for civil rights

The nation mourned when civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King was shot and killed on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn., in 1968.

Thumbnail for IHS featureScholars from around the world formed a community to study Global Borders at the Institute for Historical Studies

Great history departments, like great universities, have reputations that are larger than the sum of their parts. In its inaugural year of programming, the Institute for Historical Studies (IHS) at The University of Texas History Department took a vital step in the direction of enhancing the role of the department as a site for intellectual community on campus as well as nationally.

Thumbnail image of Latin America in the Cold War bannerLatin America in the Cold War conference

Think the Cold War only involved the United States and Europe, or that Latin America didn't have its part? Guess again, but better yet, come find out how much a central role it played from five professors who know more than most.

Thumbnail image for Welcome to History featureEven websites have a history: this makes number four in eight years

We have re-designed our website — along with every other department in the College of Liberal Arts. The biggest change is all the navigation menus are now on the left main menu.