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The Past is Never Dead...

Not Even Past

On January 10, 2011, the Department of History launches its new website devoted to making what we do here accessible to anyone interested in history.

The website is our effort to provide up-to-date historical research and writing to our current history students, history major alumni, all University of Texas (UT) alums and to history buffs worldwide. One of our goals is to create a dynamic, ongoing conversation about history in the form of text, audio and video histories on subjects that span the globe. We anticipate NOT EVEN PAST to become a major tool for outreach, publicity, recruitment, and development.

NOT EVEN PAST will feature books by UT faculty as well as dozens of book recommendations, written by faculty and graduate students. It will offer video interviews with historians about their work and about books of interest to the public.

The website will also feature a series of podcasts: interviews with graduate students about becoming historians, excerpts from current books, and oral histories. Each month we will include numerous recommendations of historical films and television shows.

There will be a series of articles about the documents we use to write history, both texts like letters, memoirs, and political memos, and visual documents or material objects like photographs, paintings, book illustrations, and rugs, toys, and scientific instruments. Although the site will span the globe, we will also have a special section devoted to Texas history.

One of the most innovative features of NOT EVEN PAST is our Virtual Courses. Anyone anywhere may register to take one of these courses. UT History faculty will assign three books for the semester and offer a scheduled Live Chat for each book. In this way, anyone can take advantage of discussions with our award-winning teachers, and there will be no tests!

The name of the website comes from William Faulkner who said, “The past in never dead, it’s NOT EVEN PAST.” It reflects our belief that the historical events continue to shape the present in myriad ways and we are committed to encouraging people to think about the past as alive in the present.

Story by: Professor Joan Neuberger, editor for the website and lead faculty member on the development team

Credits for NOT EVEN PAST website:
Joan Neuberger, Editor
George Christian, Assistant Editor & Features Editor
Kelli Mosteller, Assistant Editor & Books Editor
Courtney Meador, Administrator

Aragorn Storm Miller and John Harney, Podcasts
Karl Hagstrom Miller, Theme Music Arrangement and Performance
Yana Skorobogatov, Transcriptions

Site design: Suloni Robertson and What Will They Do Next?
Site implementation: Kate Broussard and David Johannes
Technical Support: Ming Gong
Development Team: George Christian, Rick Geyer, Joel Kocher, Courtney Meador, Kelli Mosteller, Joan Neuberger, Alan Tully

NOT EVEN PAST wishes to thank the following for their initial concept and ongoing support: Department of History Visiting Committee (VC); Chair of the VC Josiah Daniel III; College of Liberal Arts (COLA) Dean Randy Diehl; Gary Susswein and Kathleen Aronson at COLA; COLA Instructional Technology Services Tim Fackler and Joe TenBarge; Rick Geyer, Alan Tully, and Joel Kocher.