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New website "Maritime Asia: War and Trade," co-created by Adam Clulow, launches

Mon, August 19, 2019
New website

Maritime Asia: War and Trade is a collaboration between Associate Professor Adam Clulow, who has just joined the History department, and Xing Hang at Brandeis University.

The site explores the fierce rivalry between the Dutch East India Company and the Zheng maritime network as they fought for control over key trades and sea routes. It includes digital exhibits on these maritime powers, the deerskin trade and territorial claims to Taiwan, as well as a timeline, biographies of key actors, an archive with primary sources, and an annotated bibliography for further exploration. Maritime Asia also features an exciting classroom simulation exercise, “Pirates, States, and Diplomacy in a Multipolar Maritime Asia” designed for advanced high school and university students. The exercise is designed to place students at the center of a turbulent maritime world in which a range of territorial powers and armed trading enterprises competed for control over key sea lanes. It explores issue of statehood, political legitimacy, trade and identity across early modern maritime Asia.

Read more about the launch of the new site here, and watch a short video on "Possession and Power" exploring the long rivalry between the Zheng network and the Dutch East India Company, the dominant maritime powers of seventeenth century Asia.

“Building a Virtual City for the Classroom: Angkor” by Adam Clulow and Tom Chandleron, on Not Even Past.

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