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Professor Neuburger receives American Council of Learned Societies grant

Fri, May 18, 2007

Neuburger received the grant from the Southeast European Studies Program of the ACLS. Her scholarly work will focus on the production and consumption of tobacco and rose oil from 1878-1989 in Bulgaria. This research will provide a "fertile ground for unearthing intertwined roots of economic, intellectual, and everyday historical experience," Neuburger said. These commodities contributed to a social class of “merchants, workers, etc.” with new expectations and desires in Bulgarian society and politics.

“I will also investigate Bulgarian practices and debates about propriety, health, hygiene, and civilization in connection to consumption of these commodities,” she said, “and how they understood and incorporated them into social identities in various ways.” With these questions answered, Neuburger plans to then fit Bulgaria within the context of modern Europe.

Established in 1919 to represent the U.S. in the newly created Union Académique Internationale (UAI) (International Union of Academies), the ACLS has historically awarded grants and fellowships to individuals whose research matches the aims of the ACLS/UAI. The UAI financially supports the research and collaboration of scholars in the social sciences and humanities disciplines. The goal being to create a cooperative forum that contributes on an international scale to solve nature and mankind's problems.

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