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Richard (Ricardo) Avila

Senior Administrative Associate: Accounting and Administrative Services

ravila@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-6421 |
GAR 1.104AAA

Photo of Janie Castillo-Flores

Janie Castillo-Flores

Finance and Administrative Manager

jcflores@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-6047 |
GAR 1.104B

Photo of Michelle D. Escalante

Michelle D. Escalante

Senior Academic Advisor

michelle.escalante@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-7670 |
GAR 1.140

Jennifer Foster- de Haas

Senior Administrative Associate: Course Coordinator

jennifer.dehaas@austin.utexas.edu |
GAR 1.104AAB

Photo of Martha G. Gonzalez

Martha G. Gonzalez

Senior Conference and Event Planner – Normandy Scholar Program Coordinator

mggonzalez@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7216 |
GAR 1.118

Vickie L. Kight

Senior Administrative Associate: Faculty Affairs Coordinator

vkight@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7276 |
GAR 1.106C

Courtney Meador

Senior Program Coordinator: Institute for Historical Studies Administration

cmeador@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-5491 |
GAR 1.112

Photo of Sheena Moore

Sheena Moore

Senior Administrative Associate and Project Lead for the Chair

sheena.moore@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-4310 |
GAR 1.106B

Photo of Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt

Graduate Program Administrator

mschmidt@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-8513 |
GAR 1.132

Photo of Susan C. Somers

Susan C. Somers

Academic Advising Coordinator

scs@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-7670 |
GAR 1.140