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Photo of Tamela Walker

Tamela Walker

Director of Human Resources |
512-471-8328 |
GEB 1.208A

Photo of Ann E. Kelble

Ann E. Kelble

Assistant Director, Human Resources |
512-232-4820 |
GEB 1.208B

Photo of Stuart Tendler

Stuart Tendler

Assistant Director, Human Resources

Photo of Sonia Laredo

Sonia Laredo

Human Resource Coordinator

Photo of Laila Mobasheri

Laila Mobasheri

Human Resource Coordinator

Photo of Amy McMillan

Amy McMillan

Business Affairs Manager, Liberal Arts |
232-6251 |
GEB 1.206E

Photo of Stephanie Yang

Stephanie Yang

Human Resource Coordinator |
512-232-2139 |
GEB 1.206D