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Photo of Gail A. Davis

Gail A. Davis

Director, COLA Human Resources and Centralized Business Services |
512-232-2132 |
GEB 1.208A

Kim M.S. Snyder-Jackson

Associate Director of Human Resources |
232-4726 |
GEB 1.206B

Photo of Ann E. Kelble

Ann E. Kelble

Assistant Director, Human Resources |
512-232-4820 |
GEB 1.208B

Cynthia Brewer

Faculty Administrative Services Officer II |
512-232-7025 |
GEB 1.206C

Sally K. Dickson

Senior Faculty Resource Coordinator |
512-232-5711 |
GEB 1.206C

Laura Flack


Photo of Amy McMillan

Amy McMillan

Business Affairs Manager, Liberal Arts |
232-6251 |
GEB 1.206E

Photo of Andrew Beachum

Andrew Beachum

CBS Manager |
512-232-1763 |
GEB 1.206E

Photo of Jonah Trout

Jonah Trout

CBS Senior Associate |
512-471-2925 |
GEB 1.206D

Photo of Angela Martinez

Angela Martinez

CBS Assistant |
512-471-6343 |
GEB 1.206E

Photo of Astrid Handy

Astrid Handy

CBS Assistant |
512-232-5544 |
GEB 1.206E

Photo of Evan Coyne

Evan Coyne

CBS Assistant |
512-232-7324 |
GEB 1.206E