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Faculty Activity Reports (FAR)

All faculty members, including faculty in Specialist, Lecturer, Clinical, Adjunct, and Research Professor titles, are responsible for completing a Faculty Annual Report (FAR) of their academic and professional activities each year.  Please advise the faculty members in your areas to prepare their reports with care and ensure that they are submitted by October 1. The report is an essential component of the annual faculty review, merit review, third-year review, and periodic review of tenured faculty.

How to Access:

The Faculty Activity Report (FAR) is available online at: 

How It Works:

The 2014-15 online FAR is currently open and available for use.  The Provost Office has improved the interaction between the FAR and Publications Database that caused some issues last year.   Firefox and Google Chrome continue to be the preferred browsers for this system.
2014-15 activity reports shall be submitted by October 1, 2015, in conjunction with the certification of publications and other scholarly/creative works required of all tenured and tenure-track faculty of the university. Once they are submitted, the faculty member will no longer be able to make changes (unless the department chair "Returns" it to them).  Faculty should not submit any paper forms to the Dean's Office as the reports will be reviewed electronically.

Each faculty member will only be able to view his or her own profile or FAR, unless they are a chair or dean.  Chairs will be able to view created FARs in their department and track submission through the FAR Administration tool:

Each department is responsible for ensuring that the completed activity reports of their faculty are made available to the governing body of that department for use during the annual review of faculty and other evaluative processes, as needed.

Questions and comments regarding the functionality of the online FAR can be sent using the link at the bottom of the Faculty Activity Report, or by clicking here:

Publications Database

Beginning in 2015-16, all tenured and tenure-track faculty are required to certify their publications, creative works, and other scholarly works by October 1 in the centrally maintained Publications Database. 

The database will allow faculty members to assign proxy users who can add, edit, and delete publication information prior to the faculty member certifying the publication list.  Publications can be added one at a time or through a batch upload process. 

Once publications have been updated for a given academic year, you will be able to import them into your online FAR.

Firefox and Google Chrome continue to be the preferred browsers for this system. 

Staff or Administrator Access:

To request FAR Admin access for new departmental administrators, please e-mail with their name(s) and EID(s).

Contact: Ann Kelble, 512-232-4820.

Please direct comments on the Procedures Guide to