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Comprehensive Periodic Review Policy and Procedure


Comprehensive Periodic Review of Tenured Faculty, formerly known as Post-Tenure Review, is an evaluation of tenured faculty members that occurs after six years of service within rank.  The policy is governed by the Provost Office, and the complete policy is included on their website.

Procedure within the College

When Faculty Should be Notified

Each year the department should review their records to determine who will be due for their comprehensive review in the following academic year.  Faculty members due for review shall be notified by the department by March 31.

When Does the Review Take Place

Fall of the year of review: the faculty member scheduled for review submits their CV--and any other materials they wish considered--to the department chair, to be used along with departmentally maintained records (e.g. Faculty Activity Reports).  See CPR policy for details (section 3.i).  Review is carried out in the fall by a committee within the department (CPR 3.a) and includes assignment of "review category"(rating), per section 4.a. Reviews should be discussed with the faculty member prior to submitting the final report, as outlined in section 5 of the policy.

Comprehensive periodic review results are due to the Dean's Office c/o Ann Kelble on or before February 1.

The Dean's Office is required to report the comprehensive periodic review results to the Provost Office by February 28.

What to Submit to COLA

For each review, please include:

  • Review summary report including an overall rating category.
  • Additional written evaluation reports and/or written response from faculty member, if applicable.
  • Current CV
  • CIS Ratings report [contains CIS results from 6 year period under review]*
  • Graduate Committees report*

*These reports are distributed by the dean's office, typically during the Fall semester. If you do not have copies, please check with Ann Kelble.

Combine these reports into one .pdf per faculty member being reviewed and upload HERE:


Unsatisfactory Rating

In the event of an unsatisfactory rating, the department chair, faculty member, and dean shall collaborate to develop a faculty support plan within 30 days of receiving the written evaluation (see section 9).  Additional deadlines and follow-up will apply in those cases.  Although faculty development support plans are required after "unsatisfactory" reviews, they are not exclusively meant for that purpose, nor are they to be considered a disciplinary action (see section 8).

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

The comprehensive periodic review of tenured faculty is not in any way intended to infringe on tenure, academic freedom, or other protected faculty rights (1.b., 2.a.).  Faculty scheduled for post-tenure review are encouraged to read the Provost Guidelines for more details on the process, including the right to meet with the departmental or college review committee, as applicable, to discuss review results.   

Other Questions?

Please direct questions about the College of Liberal Arts Comprehensive Periodic Review process to Ann Kelble (512-232-4820).

Last updated: 19 January 2021