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Checklist: Visiting Scholar Assignments

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Determine and Create the Correct HRMS Position

  • Step 1: Determine your office's broader intention for this person's visit. Are you expecting to pay them in any manner or are they here to conduct their own research/collaborate with your faculty sponsor? Sometimes a research affiliate position or another affiliate title is more appropriate depending on the purpose of visit, UT payment expectations, length of assignment, etc. See chart for research titles and other affiliate titles for choices.
  • Step 2: Determine the specific faculty member who is sponser
  • Step 3: Determine the specific purpose of visit and general idea of research project they will be working on
  • Step 4: Determine the correct "Privilege Codes" needed for HRMS position for ID card, etc..
  • Step 5: Determine whether you have/will use an existing HRMS position or create one. 
    When creating a new one, this position document needs final approved before proceeding to the assignment.
    Tip! Create pooled HRMS position if you will have more than one concurrent visitor for this affilate title.

Create the HRMS Assignment

  • Step 1: Have visitor create a Guest UTEID and let you know
  • Step 2: Initate the background check for visitors
  • Step 3: If person is a non-citizen, then follow the International Office procedures for
                inviting a scholar and related visa procedures
  • Step 4: Have faculty sponsor specify the research project their going to work on while here
  • Step 5: Have visitor provide you with a copy of their curriculum vitae, their nationality information.
  • Step 6: In HRMS assignment document Miscellaneous section, add the following:
    • Select the Visual Compliance (checkbox),
      mark this field ONLY if you have performed the required procedure
      with the eCustoms-Visual Compliance website. (Contact John for set up/authorization with this part) (download instructional handout)
      Note: You must keep an electronic record of this compliance check on file with dept.  Once the document routes it will automatically record your name and date on the HRMS document in this field.
    • Department is responsible for submitting Background Check form to HRS.
      Background Check field updates automatically when document routes forward,
      based on the actual form being received/processed by central HR.
      >> Field Status: "Prior Background check on file" means check is finished.
      >> Field Status: all other statuses indicate incomplete process.
      Status: "Background check is required"
      , empty field, or "Background check has been requested" are all incomplete statuses.

      Note: Warning messages display alerts creators prior to routing:
      Human Resources will be notified that your hire needs a Background Check.
      Please have incumbent complete the Background Check form and forward to HRS"

  • Step 7: In HRMS document University Affiliate section, add the following:
    •  External Organization field: (candidate's home) institution name and country,
    • add the Sponsor EID, Contact EID
    • You must specify the actual project person will be working on and purpose of visit.
      Tip! You may use Document Remarks field  of Documents Notes field to specify this information  (either textbox is acceptable).
  • Step 8: Add HRMS Document Notes:
    • add the visitor's nationality and specific project or purpose of visit (in terms of benefit to the University)
    • add notes to specify when the background check was complete.
      Write:  "Background check results cleared on date MM/DD/YY"
      Tip! Incomplete background checks status cannot be final approved.
    • add notes to specify who and when the visual compliance was completed:
      Write:  "Visual Compliance was completed by [person name] on date MM/DD/YY and results were clear."
  • Step 9: Complete a draft of the offer letter printed on departmental letter head, but don't give it to the visitor yet. You will give it to person yet only after HRMS assignment is final approved.  If you make changes top this offer letter at any time be sure to repeat step 10 (below).
    Tip! Always obtain a blank copy of the  offer letter form from VP-Research website each time you do a new assignment.
  • Step 10: Approve the HRMS assignment document forward and send by email to the following:
    1. copy of the curriculum vitae (in PDF format only) and
    2. draft offer letter on departmental letterhead and in PDF format only
    3. Be sure to include the required Document Remarks  and Document Notes in the HRMS assignment document.
  • Step 11: Upon receipt to the curriculum vitae, nationality information, and draft offer letter (PDF), the Dean's office HR Team will final approve doc.
  • Step 12: Upon HRMS document final approval, you can then issue the final offer letter to the candidate with both chair and sponsor signatures (required) on form. You must wait until after the HRMS assignment has final approval to give to candidate. If person is a non-citizen you also must also wait to give the final offer letter to candidate until after the  DS-2019 has been approved by the International Office’s Student and Scholar Services.

Tip! HRMS assignments approved today won't show up for ID purposes until next day.
IMPORTANT!  Read more important steps and procedures to follow when assigning persons to these positions at:

Final Steps

  • In all cases: Send a PDF copy of the signed offer letter, with the visitor's name and assignment document ID in the file name, to: Original should be kept on file by the host department, college or unit.
  • If the visitor plans to work in a research laboratory, they must also complete the Release Agreement for Adults.  Guidelines for non-student, non-employee visitors in research laboratories, and the release form can be found at:
  • For continuation, amendment or extension of dates of Research Affiliate assignments, an incumbent document change must be submitted via an HRMS assignment change document. If there’s at least one year break in service,  a new background check will be required.  A new offer letter indicating continuation of assignment [Offer letter template (extension)] will be required for the visitor.

Please visit the Office of the Vice President for Research’s website to:

  • Download the most recent forms each time you do a new assigment;
  • View most current General Guidelines for these documents;
  • View other helpful tips for the Visiting scholar/Researcher Program and processing nominations.