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Common Questions

For the most comprehensive listing of answers to the most common HRMS questions, please visit the AskUs knowledge base.

Recent Common Questions 

question icon What document remarks are needed in HRMS assignment documents? 
In general, the same kinds of remarks are needed in HRMS assigment documents as were required in the past with appointment documents. We are posting information about the kinds of remarks that are needed for each kind of HRMS assigment document. For example, this is now posted for Student Academic positions and Student Non-academic positions we are adding other pages to describe more clearly what is needed for other position categories.

question iconWhere can I learn more about Affiliated Worker positions?

University affiliates (affiliated workers) are individuals who have relationships with the university outside of traditional employment. They can be paid or unpaid, and generally may have university affiliate (affiliated worker) positions in addition to others positions at the university. They may be individuals who need access to university services such as laboratories or parking privileges, and in the past, received these accesses through 0% appointments or through the Official Visitor process. However, not all university affiliates (affiliated workers) require access to university services. All university affiliates (affiliated workers) with final-approved assignments in HRMS are eligible to obtain standard UT ID cards.

question iconHow do I split an HRMS pooled assignment document?
Occasionally in creating a pooled mass assignment document, some assignees may not pass all the 'audits' for the document.  However, you don't need to delay processing of those assignees who have pass these audits.  This is where the "SPLIT" feature can come in handy.

When preparing the document, and you use the Save and Verify step, you'll see the errors.  On the Document Review Section use the pulldown menu on right side of page to SPLIT-Document and press GO button.  This wil create a second HRMS assignment document with only those folks who did not pass the audit which you can process at a later time.  Now, you can then proceed with the approval step for the current document.

question iconWhere Can I learn more about Salary Update Documents in HRMS?
Salary Update Document functionality will open in June and remain open for a few weeks.  Handouts from the May Information sessions (PN765/PN766) are available at the HRMS project website.

Additional college specific details about merit pools and SUD processing may apply.

question iconWhere Can I learn more about Faculty Summer Assignments in HRMS?


See also the Business Procedures Guide for important policy guidelines about summer teaching guidelines.

question iconWhere Can I learn more about TA/AI Summer Assignments in HRMS?
Since the funding account is an attribute of the position, you have two options to consider before making the assignment document in HRMS... Read more.

question icon How can I obtain a UT ID Card for an affiliated worker?
Obtaining an UT ID Card for affilated workers requires a final approved HRMS assignment document.  Additionally, the department chooses the appropriate Priviledge Code for this assignment.  Read more ....

question icon How Can I use the new MUD - Mass Update Document in HRMS?

  • Review the HRMS MUD Documents training video.
    Contact John at 232-2476 for further information about using this document.

question iconWhere can I learn more about HRMS student positions?

question iconWhere can I learn more about HRMS funding information? How do I update the "funding" section of HRMS positions?

Review the HRMS funding training video that discusses the funding information and when and how to made changes to funding. This video also discusses how to eliminate the "UNFUNDED"  information error message which is a required modification you must make whenever it occurs on your positions!

question icon Where can I learn more about "Affiliated Worker" positions in HRMS?

HRMS team has several online video tutorials for these positions, so be sure to view each of those.

question icon When should an assignment be cancelled in HRMS?

Assignments in HRMS can be cancelled through the Incumbent section of a Modify document. However this functionality should only be used when an incumbent has not worked in a position. For instance, if someone is hired for position, but does not actually work in that position (e.g., if the person were to take a different job, etc.) that assignment can be cancelled. Another reason an assignment may need to be cancelled is if a correction needs to be made to the rate of pay, for instance, if numbers were transposed when initially entering this information. Rate is an attribute that cannot be decreased via a Modify document. If a change needs to be made to a rate due to an inputting error, the assignment should be cancelled and a new assignment created with the correct rate.
If an incumbent has worked in a position, but no longer is continuing to work in that position, the assignment should be ended, rather than cancelled. Assignments can be ended by adding an end date on the Incumbent section of a Modify document.

question icon When I encounter an error stating "Student Not Registered for Spring semester," How do I split student assignment documents (reappointments) into separate documents, one for registered students and another for non-registered students?

Currently splitting a Mass Assignment document into groups of registered and non-registered students is not available. However this is planned to become available in the future. To process the students on this document that do not have this error, return to the "General" page of the document and remove those students who haven't yet paid using the the "delete" action (on row next to their name).  Then you can process this document with the remaining students. Later you can create a another assign document to process those other students.
Additionally, the HRMS team offers the follwing tips:

  • When working with a Mass Assignment document, it is not necessary to assign the maximum number of incumbents at one time. A Mass Assignment document can contain a single incumbent as well as any number up to the maximum allowed on a one Mass Assignment, which is 35. If you have a mixed population of registered and non-registered students, you will receive an error message indicating which students have not registered. You can then delete those non-registered incumbents from the Mass Assignment and complete your original document.
  • Remaining non-registered students can be processed via another Mass Assignment document after they have registered.
  • Multiple Mass Assignment documents for the same pool can be in routing at the same time. Additionally one student can have more than one assignment within the same pool with different pay rates.

question icon When can I start creating summer faculty assignments?
Functionality for summer assignments will be added to HRMS in April 2010 during the Phase 2.5 release of HRMS. Additional information about this will be available later this spring.

question icon I have more questions about HRMS. Whom do I contact?
The best person to contact for each type of HRMS question will vary depending on the type of position and whether the task/process is assignments, recruiting, or position creation.  A good place to start is with the Liberal Arts HR Team.  Much more information is available and is currently being posted to our website.  Also, please check out the links below for other common questions and resources.

question iconHow do I subscribe to the HRMS Users Listserv?

Generally, people are added to this central HR listserv once you attend one of their classes.  However, you can also subscribe to the listserv by visiting the UTLISTS website, and then submitting the subscribe request at:

question icon What classes are available for HRMS?
Several HRMS classes are offered by Human Resources, and include PN 749, PN 750, PN 751, PN 752, PN 753, PN 754, and PN 764. Use TXCLASS to register for these classes. Also Liberal Arts offers several HRMS training resources and classes, so contact John for further information on these training opportunities.