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question icon Where can I learn about some of the Common Questions for HRMS documents?
The HRMS system has extensive help available and resources available at the
HRMS Project Website, including training videos, announcements and common questions (see links below).

Also, some of this same information is re-posted to the Liberal Arts website.  Please review our HRMS - Common Questions page for highlights from some questions/answers publicized by the HRMS project Team.  Recent entries include using the MUD document, Faculty Summer Assignments, Student Positions, Funding Information, splitting pooled student assignments and more. Check the
HRMS Project-FAQ often for the latest news and announcements.

question icon What resources does Liberal Arts provide for training staff with HRMS documents?

question icon HRMS-Document Remarks. What do I include for Student Academic Titles | Non-Academic Titles?

question icon I have more questions about HRMS. Whom do I contact?

The best person to contact for each type of HRMS question will vary depending on the type of position and whether the task/process is assignments, recruiting, or position creation.  A good place to start is with the Liberal Arts HR Team.  Much more information is available and is currently being posted to our website.  Also, please check out the links below for other common questions and resources.

question iconHow do I subscribe to the HRMS Users Listserv?

Generally, people are added to this central HR listserv once you attend one of their classes.  However, you can also subscribe to the listserv by visiting the UTLISTS website, and then submitting the subscribe request at:

question iconWhere can I learn more about Affiliated Worker positions

question iconHow do I split an HRMS pooled assignment document?

question iconWhere Can I learn more about TA/AI Summer Assignments in HRMS?

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Important! For anyone who may have missed the recent Provost presentation, the webcast is available from the HRMS website at:  See links for  Faculty Positions Presentation (Parts 1, 2, and 3).

For more info, contact:

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