College of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Human Resources

We are committed to providing efficient and effective service, specialized expertise and to seek strategic solutions for human resource issues through:

  • Assistance in recruiting and retaining a highly qualified staff
  • Training to enhance employee skills, performance and job satisfaction
  • Creating and implementing policies, procedures and programs that support institutional compliance and increase organizational effectiveness
  • Analysis and reporting of information for management decision-making
  • Facilitating positive employee relations and a premier work environment


Dorothy L. Gebauer Building, 1st Floor. 
Suite: 1.208

The University of Texas at Austin

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For more info, contact:

Tamela Walker

Director, Human Resources


Kim Snyder-Jackson

Associate Director, Human Resources


Ann Kelble

Assistant Director, Human Resources


Cindy Brewer

Faculty Administrative Services Officer


Sally Dickson

Senior Faculty Resource Coordinator



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