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Research Positions

Research Titles

Research titles are assigned to all individuals whose primary focus is conducting professional research at UT.

The Research Title Procedures and Research Titles Matrix will help you to determine the title to which you must assign an individual who will be conducting research at UT. Please follow HRMS Procedures to prepare the HRMS document that is necessary to assign the individual.

In the College of Liberal Arts, every assignment requires that you send the following supporting documenation when sending forward the assignment document.

  • PDF copy of the individual’s current curriculum vita
  • PDF copy draft offer letter in departmental letterhead
  • In email include the following in subject line: The document ID, position title, and individual’s name  (“DocID – Position Title – Name”).
  • Send these to:

See also: checklist for processing research affiliate (no-pay) assignments

HRMS Document

In addition to the EVPP and VP for Research instructions:

Please include the visitor’s home institution name (and country, if not in the U.S.).  Do include the purpose of the visit/research, as well as “Background check results cleared on date MM/DD/YY and “Visual Compliance check results cleared on date MM/DD/YY in the Document Remarks or Notes.

For paid, benefits-eligible research positions, please include the individual’s supervisor (the faculty member with whom this individual will work) in the Document Remarks. This information should match what is stated in the offer letter.

Please be sure to check the dates of assignment carefully before submitting the HRMS document for approval.

Visual Compliance

The following is a link to step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a Visual Compliance login and how to conduct a Visual Compliance check on a visitor: Visual Compliance [PDF]

Research Affiliates

All “Research Affiliate” titles fall under the authority of the Office of the Vice President for Research.  You would create or fill a position using one of these titles when one of your faculty members 1) would like to invite a scholar for a temporary stay to participate in research, but 2) the scholar will not be paid by UT. 

Currently-enrolled students (UT or otherwise) who will participate in research activities at the university but will not be compensated should usually be assigned as “Visiting Student.”  The “Research Affiliate” procedures do not apply to “Visiting Students.”

The VP for Research Office provides further instructions and information regarding Visiting Researchers and Scholars

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