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Position reclassification is merited when the job duties of a position have changed significantly and are no longer consistent with the types of duties or responsibilities associated with the current job title/job profile.

Reclassification only applies to positions that are Classified or Administrative and Professional (A&P).

When a supervisor believes a position needs to be reclassified, here are the steps:

1. You’ll need to gather the following information before initiating the Reclassification Request Form in DocuSign:

        a. Current job functions, with percentages.

        b. Proposed job function, with percentages. You will want to clearly indicate how the position has changed.

        c. Hire date and length of time in current position.

        d. If requesting a salary increase in addition to the title change, clarify the source of the funds and prepare a brief justification for using those funds.

2. Complete the Reclassification Request Form {Step by Step Instructions}

3. Once your DocuSign form has been final-approved, download the "combined" (complete) version as a .pdf, labeled with the employee’s last name and date.       

     Ex. Smith_Reclassification_20181129.pdf

4. In Workday, locate the employee’s position (either through the employee’s Profile page or via the sup org>Members). From the related actions menu of the Position, choose Positions>Edit Position Restrictions. Complete the Edit Position Restrictions business process. (Instructional Guide)

5. Once you have edited the Position Restrictions, search for the Employee and choose Job Change>Transfer, Promote, or Change Job from the related actions menu. Complete the Change Job process for Reclassification. (Instructional Guide) Before you submit the Change Job request, be sure to upload the approved Reclassification Request .pdf, which you downloaded in Step 3. [You'll upload during step #24 on Change Job WIG.]