College of Liberal Arts

Reclassification Requests

In the event a supervisor believes a position is in need of reclassification, the procedures below should be followed:

  1. The employee must be in a classified or A&P title.
  2. The supervisor should review and compare employee's current job description and the job description of the desired position. Information can be found at
  3. Complete the Reclassification Request form (DOC), attach department/center Organization Chart and any additional information as needed.
    Note: DOC files require Microsoft Viewer.
  4. Send completed form and required documentation to the Dean's Office, HR Division. Mail Code G6000
  5. Once Dean-level review is complete, the recommendation will be reported to the employee's supervisor.
  6. Reclassification requests must be approved by the University's HR Office, Compensation Section before they can be considered final.