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College of Liberal Arts Code of Conduct Task Force

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The College of Liberal Arts is committed to ensuring a collaborative and safe environment for all of our employees, students, and the greater University community. We live in complex times, and it is only through our continued integrity, commitment, and mutual respect that we can all be successful. To that end, in my final year as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, I am appointing a special task force to develop a Code of Conduct and Ethics Statement. Once developed, this statement will be reviewed by College of Liberal Arts departments/units and students before being finalized. The task force will consist of faculty, staff, and students of varying disciplines and job titles.

This finalized statement will inform the College's next steps in considering how to clarify already-established University policies and best practices around misconduct and reporting. I know that together, through reflection and careful evaluation, we can move forward in developing a statement that captures the best of who we are as a College. Please find further details below.

Task Force Charge

The College of Liberal Arts seeks to create a Code of Conduct and Ethics Statement that aligns with our core values, principles, and mission. We think of this statement as an affirmative, succinct, and clear articulation of the common purpose and expectations of members of our College of Liberal Arts. This collective statement will feature prominently throughout the College, defining our culture and guiding our actions as we approach the challenges that we face as a community.

Departmental Policies

Once the College Code of Conduct policy is finalized, each department will be asked to review their current governance policy and incorporate a Departmental Code of Conduct that aligns with the College's policy. More information will be provided at a later date.

Training Opportunities

All College of Liberal Arts employees have the opportunity to receive Title IX Training through the Title IX Office. You are encouraged to participate in training opportunities at any time. In addition, the Dean's Office is currently working with the Title IX Office to create training programs specifically for the College of Liberal Arts. We are also working with other offices that provide relevant training and will share information as programs are developed.

The Code of Conduct Task Force conducted a college-wide survey in early Spring 2019.  Members are currently leading focus groups that explore issues identified in the survey and other issues specific to different groups within the College community.

Task Force Members

Beth Chichester
Graduate Coordinator II
Department of Classics
Thomas Fawcett
Senior Academic Advisor
Liberal Arts Student Affairs
Stephanie Seidel Holmsten
Associate Professor of Instruction
International Relations and Global Studies
Jacob Hood
Undergraduate Student
Departments of English, Sociology, and African and African Diaspora Studies
Kevin Hsu
Senior Administrative Associate
Department of Sociology
Martin Kevorkian
Department of English
Raul Madrid
Department of Government
Helen Mayhew
Senior Software Developer/Analyst
Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Crystal McCallon
Digital Content Specialist
Liberal Arts Student Affairs
Sharmila Rudrappa
Department of Sociology
Christen Smith
Associate Professor
Departments of Anthropology and African and African Diaspora Studies
Evan Marc Stein
Graduate Student and Graduate Statistical Consultant
Departments of Psychology and Statistics and Data Science
Delaney Tubbs
Undergraduate Student
Department of Government and Center for Women's and Gender Studies
Amy Vidor
Graduate Student
Program in Comparative Literature
Esther Raizen (chair, ex-officio)
Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduates Studies, Associate Professor
Liberal Arts Dean's Office and Department of Middle Eastern Studies