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General Resources for Administrative Staff

This page lists some key resources to become familar with when assuming administrative staff duties and/or training new administrative staff. Please contact John if you have further questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvement.

Document Type Overview and Tip Sheet (PDF) | Getting Started with Accounts (PDF)

Liberal Arts Resources

logo Liberal ArtsLiberal Arts - Business Procedures Guide
Entertainment | Travel Travel to Restricted Regions | Purchases | Object Codes | Budgets and Accouting | Conferences | Work Orders | Scholarships | UT Market | FRMS | Inventory | and this guide includes many more specific topics and procedures, so use it often!

Each area of the Dean's Office has additional resources and services, and some featured resources are:

Contracts and Grants Services | Course Scheduling ResourcesFaculty AffairsWorkday Resources | Administrative Applications | Instructional Technology Services | Departmental Website (CMS) resources | Student Affairs |

Liberal Arts - Training Job Aids | Training - Administrative Staff Resources |


Accounts -Department Level Reports

In addition to the standard UTDIRECT resources for account balances, the college maintains a convenience website for each/all offices to view their current account balances, budgeted accounts history, and daily transaction details (by office rather than unit code), updated weekly.
  • Staff Level View: COLA-Account Balances (website) by UTEID
  • Faculty Level View: COLA - Faculty Support Account Balances (website) by UTEID
  • When accessing the site from off campus, please turn  on VPN service first.
  • Each dept/office directly controls faculty authorizations for the faculty view for dedicated faculty support accounts. For additional staff level authorizations, please contact John for additional details. 

New in Summer 2018 - Project Level Forecasting Reports for Departments using the COLA Office Dashboard system. When accessing from off campus, be sure to turn on VPN service. Contact John for configuration, set up, and training to tag accounting entries for reports.

Faculty Affairs

Academic Affairs Policies: Faculty Hiring and Retention | Research and Development | Teaching Awards | Faculty Committees | Faculty Policies

Human Resources Procedures: Faculty Resources | Departmental Governance | Post-Tenure Review | Probation Period | Third Year Review | Faculty Annual Reports

Business Affairs Procedures: Faculty HR (Orientation, Outside Employment, etc)  | Faculty Leaves | Faculty Recruitment | Faculty Retention (Counter offers, etc) | Faculty Reviews (Governance, Post Tenure Review, Probation Policy, Third Year Review) | Faculty Separation  |  Faculty Summer Teaching Appointments

List Servs:

Subscribe to these lists if relevant to your duties

List Servs - UT Lists Tips!

If you're subscribed to a Listserv, you can usually view past/archive messages from the UTLists-Sympa website at:
To create a user account on that website (to view past messages) use the First Login link in left naviation, using your email address as your user name. It will provide you with a default password (by email notice) and you can change this at anytime using the Preferences link in left navigation.

Accounting Resources

UT Direct-Office of Accounting-Online Services Portal
includes links to balances, transactions, reports, purchasing, Statement of Accounts/Expense Account Certification, and many more services. For example, the Account Balances page and the Unit Balances page are useful to get short view of your accounts (see also in DEFINE GB1 and GB2 screens). The Expense Account Certification page is availbe for the Unit Head and the Ledger Sheet Contact (see OHS-Organizational Hierarchy system to assign a LSC)

Newly Improved! Handbook of Business Procedures (University Wide):
Business and Financial Administration | Fund Accounting | Budget | Fund Transfers | Sales of Goods and Services | Cash Handling | Purchasing | Business Contracts and Agreements | Expenditure Procedures (see also Accounts Payable) | Travel | Independent Contractors | Payroll Services | Scholarships and Fellowships| Student Accounting | Inventory Control and Property Management | Office of Sponsored Projects/Sponsored Projects Award Administration | |Risk Management | Records Management| Open Records | HUB/SADBO Office Small and Disadvantaged Business Organizations

FRMS logo FRMS - Financial Resource Management System

Thes pages in UT Direct to perform many financial tasks, such as paying scholarships (SS1/SSA docs), inventory Updates, and purchasing goods and services from particular vendors. Specifice *DEFINE command authorizations are required to use these systems, so contact your departmental Office Manager if you cannot access these services.
* Inventory (Login) | Online Help
* Scholarships/Fellowships (Login) | Online Help
* UT Market (Login) |  Online Help
The online help is available both within the FRMS system and the AskUs system.

 define logo

DEFINE is the mainframe system used to create and approve most financial documents that aren't processed in FRMS system.

defineGetting Started with *DEFINE
DE 232-Introduction to DEFINE-Class Handout (PDF) - Videos
DEFINE Resources by Topic
DEFINE Command Handouts (PDF)
DEFINE class videos
DEFINE common useful screens
more DEFINE resources ...
Glossary of Common Business and Financial Terms

New!  Document Type Overview and Tip Sheet (PDF)

Logo Ask Us - F A Q Accouting FAQs - AskUs
The "Ask Us" is a searchable frequently asked questions website and offers answers to many common accounting related questions, including, DEFINE, purchasing, HRMS and other university administrative systems.  In addition to other campus resources, these frequently asked questions are useful to review often!

Handbooks of Business and Operating Procedures

Training Resources

University Resources

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