College of Liberal Arts

Compliance Training

All UT employees are encouraged review the available training and documents listed below:

Within the first 3 days of employment, all employees must

Additionally, the following online training modules are available at: Training Online (CTS):

Within the first 30 days of employment, all employees must take the following mandatory compliance training modules

  • CW 101 Introduction to U.T. Compliance Program
  • CW 121 Sexual Harassment
  • CW 123 Equal Employment Opportunity
  • CW 170 IT Security Awareness (for those with computer access)

All Teaching Assistants and Assistant Instructors must also take

Visit to view the training you have taken and the training you need to take.

CW 101  Introduction to U.T. Compliance Program (14 min.)
CW 121  Sexual Harassment (9 min.)
CW 123  Equal Employment Opportunity -EEO- (18 min.)
CW 102  Use of U.T. Austin Property (4 min.)
CW 103  Information and Records (6 min.)
CW 106  Gifts and Gratuities (4 min.)
CW 107  Political Activities and Contributions (3 min.)
CW 108  Copyrighted Property (5 min.)
CW 122  A Safe Workplace (9 min.)
CW 126  Outside Employment (5 min.)
CW 162  Purchasing (9 min.)
CW 163  Contracts & Agreements (3 min.)
CW 170  IT Security Awareness (12 min.)
CW 502  SSN Training (10 min.)
CW 504  FERPA (5 min.)
CW 506  High Level Cash Control (9 min.)
CW 500  General HIPAA Privacy Training (30 min.)  
CW 505  Cashier Training (35 min.)  
CW 510  Managing Financial Risks (30 min.)  
CW 520  Effort Certification  
CW 530  Confidentiality Training  
CW 531  Code Blue  
CW 532  UHS Incident Reports  
CW 533  Bloodborne Pathogens  
CW 534  UHS Emergency Plan

Download these training module handouts

Primary list of required compliance modules for employees