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List Servs - UT Lists Tips!

If you're subscribed to a Listserv, you can usually view past/archive messages from the UTLists-Sympa website at:
To create a user account on that website (to view past messages) use the First Login link in left naviation, using your email address as your user name. It will provide you with a default password (by email notice) and you can change this at anytime using the Preferences link in left navigation.

Am I subscribed to a List? How do I find out which ones?

You can view which Listserv you are a member of by visiting logging into the Sympa/UT Lists website.

You can also view past/archive messages from the UTLists-Sympa website which can be helpful if you're a new member of a list!

Campus Wide List Servs:

Subscribe to these lists if relevant to your duties

Liberal Arts List Servs:

  • Liberal Arts - these faculty and staff listservs are populated automatically/periodically by LA-HR Team.
    Contact John if you need assistance or have further questions or concerns.

For more information or consultations about your training needs, contact:

John Ward