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You have similar options for creating and organization chart in microsoft office (word, powerpoint, excel) including the following smart art graphic  techique described below. This article illustrates the Smart Art Graphics tools available in the Microsoft Office suite

Macintosh 2011

♦ VIEW >> ELEMENTS GALLERY >> SMART ART GRAPHICS >> HIERARCHY >> Choose one of the org chart items

  • First choice allows for "assistant" type boxes
  • Second choices is more standard organization chart
  • Note: You can change the type of chart even after you've chosen one of the above items.

2011 toolbar

Upon creating your graphic, you'll use the "Text Pane" dialog box to add/remove entries into your org chart. See example below.


word Dowload Sample #1 Org Chart - Word (.docx)

Using the Text Pane to add/remove org chart items

Note: Similar to Word's outline feature, in this dialog, you can also usually right-click on an object in the chart to get to these related tasks quickly

  • Use SHIFT-RETURN to inlcude a line break between job title and name values (within same text pane entry)
  • Use the (+) and (-) items to add and remove items in the list
  • Use the and → arrows to  change the hierarchy of whom reports to whom
  • Use the ↑ and ↓ arrows to change the order of listing people

text panepc text pane


From this palette, choose the Org Chart icon, to display the available
Use this toolbar to reset graphic, add assistants or other objects, like changing the orientation of a particular tree branch on the org chart (Left Hanging, Right Hanging, etc).

formatting palette

Macintosh 2008

♦ VIEW >> ELEMENTS GALLERY >> SMART ART GRAPHICS >> HIERARCHY >> Choose one of the org chart items

2008 toolbar

Macintosh 2008-utility


Note: This utility is similar to the Smart Art graphic approach and has buttons to add items to the chart.  It's  the older version of the org chart technique and still exists in earlier verions of microsoft office.

2008 utilty

  Alternatively, You can also manually create a series of graphic objects using the autoshapes graphics tools.

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