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Workday Liberal Arts General Information

College of Liberal Arts Workday Guidelines:

  1. Please add the following comments to any document [a.k.a. business process]:
    • What exactly are you trying to do by creating this document?
    • Has this request been preapproved? If so, by whom and on what date?
    • What are the beginning and end dates of the employment/allowance/one-time payment?
    • What is the amount (i.e. what money is involved, if not obvious)?
    • (If Applicable) Do you have any supporting documentation to attach? Please describe.
  2. Please contact the COLA dean's office before contacting the Workday team. Please help us to respond more quickly by including one of the following 4 options in your subject line (to categorize the general subject matter of your question):
    • Academic HR  
      • examples of things in this category: appointment/employment changes related to faculty; faculty payments; postdoc questions; NTT faculty who only teach one semester a year; faculty onboarding or separations; etc.
    • Non-Academic HR
      • examples of things in this category: hiring staff; hiring students; adding an affiliate [a.k.a. contracting a contingent worker]; paying hourly employees; paying occasional employees; etc.
    • General
      • examples of things in this category: need to fix reporting structure; problems of access or authorization; anything not obviously fitting into one of the other three categories.
    • Finance: please contact
      • examples of things in this category: need to change account(s) for an employee [i.e. costing allocation]; need help deciphering financial information in Workday; etc.

College of Liberal Arts Supervisory Organizations Structure

CoLA Sup Org Structure


College of Liberal Arts Workday Role Mapping Structure

                     Academic Units and Centers/Institutes
Role PM JM
Academic Executive Dean's Office Dean's Office
Academic Partner Department / Dean's Office Department / Dean's Office
HR Executive Dean's Office Department
HR Partner Department Department
HR Associate N/A N/A
HR Assistant Department / CBS CBS
I-9 Partner Department Department
Recruiter Department N/A
Recruiter Coordinator Department N/A
Timekeeper Department Department
Absence Partner Department Department
Cost Center Manager Dean's Office Dean's Office
Security Partner Dean's Office Dean's Office