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Student and Work-study

Liberal Arts Workday Student Process Workflow

Student employee business processes will be initiated and approved within the department.

Student and Work-Study Information/Resources:

  • Spring 2020 Student Employment Guidelines 
  • Student and Work-study employees should always be hired into a JM supervisory organization
  • Because most audits will be soft warnings in Workday, student jobs can be submitted earlier than in HRMS. However, student jobs should not be approved more than one week ahead of the job start date to allow for job details to be adjusted should they change ahead of the start date.

Workday Student Employment Manual

Highlights from the Manual:

  • For Work-Study Hire or Add Job:
    • Job Profile: make sure to use one that starts with a “W”
    • You will need to complete the Work-Study Community Service Questionnaire after the Hire/Add Job step is submitted. (similar to HAWS check to make sure that the job is eligible for Work-Study)
    • Questionnaire: It’s common for all of your answers to be “No” or “N/A”, especially if they are working in your office.
  • For TAs and AIs Only, make sure to edit these fields under “Additional Information” tab:
    • Annual Work Period: 9 Month (September 1 – May 31)
    • Disbursement Plan Period: 9 Month (September 1 – May 31)
  • If you need to Hire a student (i.e. they don’t currently work for UT), try not to do so too far in advance: if the student wishes to get another UT job before your job starts, they won’t be able to if your Hire is final approved. [see p. 5 for more details] 
  • Edit Government ID step [part of Hire BP]: This step is where you should enter the Social Security Number (SSN) of the person you are hiring.
    • Note: If you are hiring an international student who does not yet have an SSN, you will submit the Edit Government ID step without making any edits. This will route this step to Payroll who will assign a temporary SSN to the student so they can be paid. [see p.5]
  • About Onboarding Set-Up:
    • This is a required process.
    • When you complete this step, it will email the employee with instructions about completing onboarding steps in Workday. If the individual doesn’t see/read the email, you cannot resend it, but you can send them a link to Workday and include instructions to complete their Inbox items. [see p.6]
    • You will need to complete the Onboarding Set-up step in order to trigger the Complete Form I-9 notification for a new or re-hired employee. Even if the employee has a valid I-9 on file with UT completed prior to the launch of Workday, they will need to successfully complete an I-9 in Workday to finish their Onboarding. [see p.7]
  • Changing a Student Job [p.8]
    • Changing to or from Work-Study to Non-Work-Study: if an active student employee is changing to/from a Work-study job profile, you must always use the Add Additional Job business process instead of the Change Job business process.
    • To end a student job sooner than planned, use Change Job>Data Change>Change Job Details.
    • To extend a student’s End Employment Date, use Change Job>Transfer>Reassignment; see also: Extending a Student Appointment
    • When reassigning a TA or AI for the Spring semester, use the end date of 5/31 as usual, but make a note to follow-up on these assignments again in May in order to ensure the students receive the correct summer benefits, as applicable. [refer to the chart below] 
  • Student Eligibility:
    • Managers and those with HR roles in Workday will receive a Student Eligibility report on a weekly basis if they supervise and/or support a student employee who has a job for which the student is ineligible.
    • If the reasons for the student’s eligibility are critical prior to completion of the business process, you will be unable to complete the business process. If the student becomes ineligible after completion of the business process, you will have 15 business days to End Additional Job or Terminate Employee after receiving the notice. [see p.11]
  • Summer Benefits for TAs and AIs have changed: [p.12-13]

Additional and Sporadic Employment: [p. 14-17] 

    • Terminology:
    • The term “sporadic” only applies to a student job if the student is already considered to be at their maximum allowable appointed hours for that semester. [see Summary of UT Austin Limits on Work Hours for Employees in Student Titles
    • The Student Sporadic Job Acknowledgment Form is only required to be completed and attached to a Business Process when the sporadic business rules apply, i.e. the student is already appointed for their maximum allowable hours.
    • If you are hiring a student who already has a UT job, but who has not reached their maximum allowable hours, you can just Add Job for that student (without exceeding the allowable hours). This would not be considered sporadic employment, even if it is variable in hours or is only for a few days.
    • When you are submitting an Add Job for a student in Workday, please be sure to pay special attention to the Employee Type (should be “Variable (Fixed Term)”), Scheduled Weekly Hours (“0”), and Job Classification (depends on FLSA status of primary job). [see also Sporadic Employment Workday Overview]

Student and Work-Study Workday Instructional Guides:

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