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Time and Absence Information/Resources:

  • Each supervisory organization will have one manager. The manager role in Workday will be held by the supervisor. Delegation can be setup if the manager will not be approving time sheets.
  • The Timekeeper role is responsible for upholding university, college, and departmental time and absence policies within the department, whether they hold that role for PM or JM supervisory organizations.
  • In addition, timekeepers for any supervisory organization containing hourly employees is responsible for monitoring semi-monthly Payroll deadlines and ensuring prompt approval of timesheets to meet those deadlines.
  • The department chooses who holds the timekeeper role.
  • The manager and timekeeper roles can be held by the same person. In that case, once the manager approves, it will auto approve through.
  • When requesting delegation for timesheet approvals, departments ough to consider how they will manage those delegations over the long term, in addition to whether or not the delegation itself seems appropriate.
  • For the time being, we recommend that departments do not use the Request Absence business processes unless absolutely necessary. Time off (paid or unpaid) can be recorded in timesheets.
  • The main responsibility of the Absence Partner role will be to pay out accrued time off balances (when applicable)
  • Summary of HR Time and Absence Policy Changes
  • Manager Time and Absence Approval Guide

 Time and Absence Workday Instructional Guides: