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Devon Hsiao

Devon Hsiao

Major(s): Humanities and Korean

Hometown: it’s complicated (I mostly claim Beijing, China as my hometown because that’s where I’ve spent the longest period in one place, even though I’m not Chinese)

Activities: I’m a mentor for first-year liberal arts students in the Foundation Scholars Program, actively involved in the student org Women in Foreign Affairs, and watch lots of Korean TV shows.

Fun facts: I’ve stood in what is technically North Korea for two minutes.

Why the Humanities Program?

The main appeal of the Humanities Program for me was its flexibility, and the fact that I can study a diverse range of subjects that fit my specific interests.

What led to your research interest?

The summer after my freshman year I interned at UNICEF China in their Education section. There, one of my main assignments was to compile a primer reference resource on Chinese educational aid to Africa for in-house use. The research I conducted for UNICEF really sparked my interest in learning more about what China is doing overseas to expand its power, and what the consequences and impacts of its actions are.

How has the Humanities Program contributed to your experience at UT?

For me, it’s the support I get from the Humanities community. When you are surrounded by other people that are all so passionate about their work, it helps to keep you motivated as well. You can also learn so much just by talking with other people about their research and interests, it’s a great way to expand your horizons.

What are your future plans?

The current plan is to return to China and hopefully pursue a graduate degree at a Chinese university!