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Max Parks

Majors: Physics, Astronomy, and Humanities
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Activities: I take photos, help run US Quidditch, and talk about science all the time
Fun facts: I can't burp, and have a really superb sense of direction.

1. Why the Humanities program?

I have always had diverse interests, and the Humanities Program allowed me to incorporate multiple academic areas into my studies.

2. What led you to your research interest?

I wanted to study science policy because I seek a holistic understanding of science; the philosophy, the method, and the issues (both historic and contemporary) that surround science.

3. How has the Humanities program contributed to your experience at UT?

The most important way the Humanities Program contributed to my studies was that it drove me to take classes from all across UT. In particular, focusing on the Core Texts and Ideas catalog of classes put me in interesting, active classes taught by some of the best professors we have.

4. What has been the best part of your Humanities project?

By far, the people. Fellow Humanities majors come from all over the university. When they talk about their Humanities project, you can see the passion they have for whatever subject they've chosen, and that passion is contagious. Everyone wants to talk about their interests, and hear about yours. Being in a small group of people who are all happy and eager to be there is invigorating.

5. What are your future plans?

Advocating for the scientific community, both to the government and to the public!