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Humanities Thesis Symposium

Tue, May 9, 2017 | CLA 1.302E

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Join us for a symposium showcasing the hard work of these talented students!

Thesis presenters:

1. Raquel Burgett (1:05-1:25)

"Toward the Deconstruction of Gender: An analysis of the origins and effects of gender bias in the American workplace"

Supervisor: Dr. Deirdre Mendez

2. ena ganguly (1:25-1:45)

"Prostitutes or Laborers: Sex, Work, & Rights in India"

Supervisor: Dr. Syed Akbar Hyder

3. Claire Smith (1:45- 2:05)

"Burying the Lede: Control, Convergence, and Couterrevolution in Egypt's Revolution-Era Media Industry"

Supervisor: Dr. Yoav Di-Capua

Break 2:05-2:15

4. Bri Hiramine (2:15- 2:35)

"Japan's Food Service Industry: Culture, Aesthetics, and Values"

Supervisor: Dr. John Traphagan

5. Ryan Bullard (2:35-2:55)

"Politics of Outrage"

Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Jarvis

6. Devin Guthrie (2:55-3:15)

"Interpreting Reality: Representational Limitations on Knowledge"

Supervisor: Dr. Juan Colomina-Alminana

Break 3:15-3:25

7. Austin Culver (3:25-3:45)

"The Four Faced Devil"

Supervisor: Dr. Domino Perez

8. Jeffery Saeling (3:45-4:05)

"Policy Approaches in the Age of Fentanyl"

Supervisor: Dr. William Winslade

9. Kate Van Dyke (4:05-4:25)

"Eating Disorder Treatment Distribution Analysis: The Implications of Travel Costs on Treatment Outcomes"

Supervisor: Dr. Nina Palmo

10. Max Parks (4:25-4:45)

"Foundations of Technocracy"

Supervisor: Dr. Alberto Martinez

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