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Preston Nix and Ben Weiss Inducted into The Friar Society

Fri, April 6, 2012

Preston Nix, a graduating Senior with a contract in International Development, and Ben Weiss, a rising Senior with a contract in African Conflict and Development Studies, have both been inducted into The Friar Society.  

Preston is currently in Washington DC, participating in UT's Archer program.  He completed his thesis on the International Monetary Fund and catalytic lending in Argentina in Fall 2011.  Aside from his research, Preston has served the university as an admission tour guide and founded a nonprofit "Color Cancer" that sells t-shirts to support cancer research.  

Ben has done extensive research related to Africa in preperation for his Humanities thesis. He has presented his research at conferences on campus as well as off-campus (he's recently been invited to speak in Poland).  He also serves as a member of the Executive Board of the student organization "The White Rose Society". This organization's purpose is to spread awareness of genocide across the UT campus, most notably by handing out white roses to commemorate Holocaust victims.

Since 1911, the Friar Society of the University of Texas has recognized students who have made significant contributions to the University. The society’s members have embodied the organization’s creed of recognizing history, serving the community, and bringing honor to the University of Texas.  More information about The Friar Society and applying for membership can be found on their website.

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