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Imogen Sealy: The Sacred Sex: Women in Religions of the Ancient Near East

Imogen Sealy

Majors: History and Humanities

Hometowns: London and Houston, TX

Activities: Liberal Arts Honors Student Council, Foot in the Door Theatre Troupe, Peer Advisor in the Liberal Arts Dean's Office, and preceptor for Reacting to the Past

Fun facts: Recreational witch

1. Why the Humanities program?

I changed my major about three times freshman year and felt that none of the majors allowed me to get really deep into a specific subject that I was interested in.  There’s so much freedom and flexibility in the program, which is one of the reasons I chose to study at a US university in the first place, and since I’ve joined I’ve always been excited for my classes. 

2. What led you to your research interest?

I wrote a paper freshman year on the role of female figures in The Iliad and it made me realise that my classics and history education so far had focused heavily on men, but that women were some of the most important figures. I’ve always been interested in pagan religions, magic, and folk traditions which, I realised, is a realm where women could find power and influence in cultures around the world. So I designed a major that allowed me to explore those issues. 

3. How has the Humanities program contributed to your experience at UT?

The wide range of classes that I have taken for my humanities degree has enhanced my undergraduate experience massively. A lot of people don’t get the chance to take some of the more obscure classes that departments other than their own offer. But my favourite aspect of the program is that everyone is studying something totally different but we’re all extremely passionate about our subjects. A friend of mine not in the program told me that they wanted to love their own major half as much as we humanities majors love ours.

4. What has been the hardest part about your Humanities project?

Picking just one thesis topic from the ten or so ideas that I wanted to write about!

5. What are your future plans?

Law school, hopefully, to study environmental and technology law. It’s worlds away from women in religions of antiquity but given the chance to get two degrees in two different subjects that I love is something that I’m really grateful for.