Humanities Institute

2009-2011 Community Sabbatical Grantees

Linda BruckerLinda Brucker

A Legacy of Giving

Linda Brucker is the Executive Director of A Legacy of Giving.  During her Community Sabbatical, she explored the possibility of expanding her organization’s outreach efforts from fourteen Central Texas counties to the entire state.  A Legacy of Giving works to empower children through philanthropy education to become more engaged in improving their communities and the world.  The organization has helped combat poverty by galvanizing local schools to participate in food drives, coat donations, and, most recently, a 3.7 mile walk to raise funds for a clean water system in Burundi, Africa. 

Brucker critically examined her organization’s strengths to develop a model that can be replicated throughout the state through collaborative partnerships with schools and other non-profit organizations.

Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Pauline T. Strong, UT-Austin Department of Anthropology

Mike EvansMike Evans

Urban Roots

Mike Evans is the founder of the Food Project and Urban Roots, two Austin non-profits that work with youth to teach them sustainable agricultural practices and to increase access to healthy food. His agricultural work contains a social justice mission that is premised on the belief that food is a basic human right. 

As a Community Sabbatical grantee, Evans created and compiled a series of workshops for high school students that dealt with food justice issues. His workshops integrated the objectives of similar organizations and highlighted issues surrounding access, workers, animal welfare, and waste.

Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Elizabeth Englehardt, UT-Austin Department of American Studies

Deliana GarciaDeliana Garcia

Migrant Clinicians Network

Deliana Garcia is the Director of International Research and Development for the Migrant Clinicians Network.  This organization works to provide healthcare to the mobile poor, which largely includes migrants employed in the most physically demanding and low-paying jobs. Garcia’s Community Sabbatical project explored the economic defensibility of her organization’s Health Network. This program links healthcare providers in a central data transfer system to ensure better treatment options for patients.

Garcia’s research found that the Health Network’s efforts to ensure adequate healthcare through effective case management, data transfer, and preventative treatment options were cost-beneficial to hospitals and insurance companies, who often expend great sums of money treating dire health cases.  She hopes to share her research findings in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. 

Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Mike Conroy (retired), UT Austin Department of Economics; Dr. David Warner, UT-Austin, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

Tim StaleyTim Staley

Austin Public Library Friends Foundation

Tim Staley is the Executive Director of the Austin Public Library Friends Foundation.  Staley examined the role of the public library in the 21st century to research how Austin’s new central library can best serve the local community. He used his research leave to travel to newly built libraries in Phoenix, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis. 

During his visits, he observed that these institutions continued to offer free access to books, computers, and the internet but best served their constituents by offering diverse and interesting uses of space for a range of activities for community members of various ages, backgrounds, and needs. 

Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Loriene Roy, UT-Austin School of Information

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