Humanities Institute

2016-2017 Community Sabbatical Grantees

Sera BondsSera Bonds

Circle of Health International

Sera Bonds is Founder and CEO of Circle of Health International (COHI), an Austin-based international humanitarian aid organization with a mission to provide quality maternal, reproductive, and newborn health care in humanitarian crisis settings. 

Sera has used her Community Sabbatical Research Leave to dive deep into learning more about the needs of survivors of human trafficking from survivors themselves. COHI has worked closely with the first medical clinic caring for this population in 2013, and is part of the lead clinical and social service team for the clinic as it reopened at People's Community Clinic in the fall of 2016. By the end of the Community Sabbatical, Sera had produced a client-centered guide for clinical and social service protocols for use in caring for survivors of human trafficking in Austin. She has conducted in-person interviews with survivors in Austin and the surrounding area and has conducted key stakeholder interviews with social service agencies, healthcare providers, and legal and law enforcement experts.

Faculty Consultant(s): Dr. Theodore Held

Cameron AllenCameron Allen

The SEED Adult and Family Learning Community

Founded in August 2014 by a group of adult English language learners, teachers, volunteers, and community members, The SEED is foundationally an adult English language program with a commitment to imbuing their practice and organizational development with democratic decision-making. As Executive Director of The Seed, Cameron performs all duties involving outside organizations, manages fundraising efforts, directs outreach and publicity, and hires teachers. As a teacher, he creates and implements curriculum that engages participants in exploration of the English language while challenging participants to rethink their understanding of the world and their agency within it. 

During his Community Sabbatical Research Leave, Cameron has explored the ways in which ESL assessment has been implemented that truly demonstrates growth in language learners without stripping them of the vibrancy and complexity that they demonstrate on a daily basis in class. He has refamiliarized himself with the literature concerning assessment accuracy, has gathered information about other assessments used in ESL programs, and has engaged with both funders and programs to see how successful collaborations have assessed humanistically while also demonstrating valuable data for individual growth and program measurement. 

Faculty Consultant(s): Dr. Angela Valenzuela

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