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Difficult Dialogues logoPauline Strong
Project Director, Difficult Dialogues Program
Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Cultural Identities and Differences 

Renee Acosta 
Assistant Dean of Admissions and Advising & Clinical Professor, College of Pharmacy

Carrie Baron
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Director of Creativity for Resilience Program, Dell Medical School

Christopher Bell
Professor, Geological Sciences 
John A Wilson Fellow in Vertebrate Sciences
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Science and Religion 

Vladislav Beronja
Assistant Professor, Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies
DD 302: War in Images (coming Fall 2020) 

Rebecca Bigler
Professor, Psychology
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Media, Gender Development, and Human Rights; UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Gender and Racial Attitudes

Pascale Bos
Associate Professor, Germanic Studies, Women's and Gender Studies
UGS 302: Difficult Dialogues: Sexual Violence and War 

Charlotte Canning
Frank C. Erwin Centennial Professor in Drama
Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance, Women's and Gender Studies, African and African Diaspora Studies
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Talking About Race Through Performance (with Omi Osun Joni Jones)

Luis Cárcamo-Huechante
Associate Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Director, Native American and Indigenous Studies
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: The Art of Human Rights

Shannon Cavanagh
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
UGS 302: Difficult Dialogues: HIV/AIDS

Wenhong Chen
Associate Professor, School of Journalism, Department of Radio, Television, and Film
DD 303: The U.S.-China Tango: Technology, Media, and Future (coming Fall 2020)

Tanya Clement
Associate Professor, Department of English
TC 302: Difficult Dialogues: Fan Mail, Haters, and Literary in What We Love to Hate (coming Spring 2021)

Miriam Collins
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
DD 302: Sports, Stadiums, and Society (coming Spring 2021)

Rob Crosnoe
Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology
Elsie and Stanley E. (Skinny) Adams, Sr. Centennial Professor in Liberal Arts
Dads' Association Centennial Teaching Fellow #2
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Race and Policy in the U.S. 

Kirsten Cather
Associate Professor, Asian Studies
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Suicides in Japan, the Literal and the Literary 

Héctor Domínguez-Ruvalcaba
Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Feminicides and Human Rights Activism in Mexico and Central America

Kenneth Diller
Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
UGS 302: Difficult Dialogues: Science and the Bible

Jennifer Ebbeler
Associate Professor, Department of Classics
UGS 302: Writing Wrongs: Ancient Rome and Contemporary Politics; DD 302: Writing Antiquity: The Ancient Mediterranean World and Contemporary Politics (coming Fall 2020)

Steve Friesen
Professor, Religious Studies 
Louise Farmer Boyer Chair in Biblical Studies
TC 302 Plan II Difficult Dialogues Freshman Seminar: The Evolution/Creation Debate in America (with Denné Reed)

Gloria González-López
Professor, Department of Sociology
UGS 302: Difficult Dialogues: Sexual Violence Across Mexican Cultures 

Sabine Hake
Professor, Department of Germanic Studies
Texas Chair, German Literature and Culture
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Europe and AmericaUGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Anti-Americanism 

Kathleen Higgins
Professor, Department of Philosophy
PHL 325L: Difficult Dialogues: Business, Ethics, and Public Policy

John Hoberman
Professor, Germanic Studies
Department Chair, Germanic Studies
DD 302: The Origins of Political Correctness (coming Fall 2020)

Lori Holleran
Professor, Undergraduate Studies, Department of Social Work, Department of Psychiatry
Director of UGS Instruction, Engagement and Wellness
Associate Dean
UGS 302: Difficult Dialogues: Young People and Drugs

Stephanie Holmsten
Assistant Professor of Instruction, International Relations and Global Studies

Robert Hummer
Professor, Department of Sociology
Centennial Commission Professor in the Liberal Arts #1
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Race and Public Policy in the U.S.

Syed Akbar Hyder
Associate Professor, Department of Asian Studies

Barbara Jones
Associate Dean for Health Affairs
Professor, School of Social Work and Center for Women's and Gender Studies
Co-Director, The Institute for Grief, Loss, and Family Survival
UGS 302: Difficult Dialogues: Living with Dying

Joni L. Jones/Omi Osun Olomo
Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance, African and African Diaspora Studies
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Talking About Race Through Performance (with Charlotte Canning)

Alison Kafer
Associate Professor, Department of English 
DD 302: Odd Ducks and Animal Lovers: Gender, Race, Disability and the Human/Animal Divide (coming Fall 2020)

Charlton Lewis
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, School of Architecture

Ken-Hou Lin
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Two to Tango: Sociology of Interpersonal Relationships 

Madeline Maxwell
Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Sofian Merabet
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Gender in the Contemporary Muslim World

Mary Neuburger 
Professor, Department of History 
Director, Center for Russia, East European and Eurasian Studies
Chair, Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Athanasio Papalexandrou
Associate Professor, Department of Art History
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: The Parthenon Throughout the Ages

Marcelo Paixao
Associate Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies 
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Afro-Entrepreneurship and Solidarity Economy: A Global Perspective 

Tasha Philpot
Associate Professor, Government
UGS 302: Difficult Dialogues: Black Women and Politics; UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: African-American Women and the Struggle for Political Incorporation 

H.W. Perry
Associate Professor, Government
Joint Professor with UT School of Law
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Church and State

Megan Raby
Associate Professor, Department of History

Denné Reed
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
TC 302 Plan II Difficult Dialogues Freshman Seminar: The Evolution/Creation Debate in America (with Steve Friesen)

Sarah Ropp
Difficult Dialogues Program Coordinator

Sharmila Rudrappa
Professor, Center for Asian American Studies, Department of Sociology, Center for Women's and Gender Studies
Director, Center for Asian American Studies
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: War and Asian Americans

César A. Salgado
Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
UGS 302: Difficult Dialogues: Visualizing Cuba 

Suzanne Seriff
Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology 
Curator, Empowering Women: Artistan Cooperatives that Transform Communities, Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, NM
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Immigrants as Aliens; UGS 302: Difficult Dialogues: Immigration and Community Engagement

Faegheh Shirazi
Professor, Middle Eastern Studies
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Islam and Sexuality 

Christen Smith
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, African and African American Diaspora Studies
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Gender/Race, Policing and Incarceration

Stephen Sonnenberg
Professor of Instruction, School of Social Work
Professor, Plan II Honors Program, Department of Psychiatry (DMS), Department of Population Health (DMS), Department of Medical Education (DMS)
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: The Doctor, the Patient, The Society, the Culture 

Denise Spellberg
Professor, Department of History
HIS 350R: Difficult Dialogues: The History of Islam in the U.S.

Danica Sumpter
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Kathryn Tackett
Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Special Education

Shetal Vohra-Gupta
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work
UGS 303: Difficult Dialogues: Students, Policy and Action

Chelsi West Ohueri
Assistant Professor, Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Patricia Wilson
Professor, School of Architecture
UGS 302: Difficult Dialogues: Participatory Democracy

Tracy Wuster
Assistant Professor of Instruction, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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