Humanities Institute

2013-2015 Humanities Institute Theme: Futures

Wed, July 24, 2013

Futures: This is the theme of the Humanities Institute at the University of Texas at Austin for 2013-15.  Over the course of two academic years we will sponsor a wide-ranging set of public lectures, faculty seminars, and teacher workshops on this theme.  What possible futures do we envision? What futures have been envisioned in the past? How are imagined futures related to the conditions, connections, and limitations of the present? We aim to encourage creative inquiry and discussion across the arts and humanities on imagined futures, including those of of the past as well as those of our own time.


We are proud to launch our inquiry with a residency featuring the pioneering  multimedia artist and storyteller Laurie Anderson. Laurie Anderson comes to UT Austin as the Cline Centennial Visiting Professor of the Humanities, to present her exhibition "Landfall" (presented by the Visual Arts Center) along with a video retrospective of her career.

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