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The Humanities Institute, in addition to supporting interdisciplinary research projects across campus, is currently focusing on two research initiatives, one in the public humanities and one in the health humanities.

Our ongoing work in the public humanities includes support for community research through our Humanities Institute and Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis Community Fellows Program. This grant enables directors and staff members of Central Texas 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations to apply to the University for paid flexible leave in order to pursue a question or problem related to their respective organizations and their organizations' constituencies. In addition to supporting community research, HI hosts and co-sponsors several community programs, primarily in partnership with the Austin Public Library.

Our research initiatives in the health humanites began as part of a two-year inquiry into "Health, Well-Being, Healing," the theme around which we organized our 2016-2018 Faculty Fellows seminar and Distinguished Visiting Lecture Series. Following our 2016-18 inquiry, HI has continued to foster interdisciplinary research in the health humanities through exciting new programs and events, both on and off campus, as a more permanent part of its operations. For more information, see our Health & Humanities page and programs

The Global Humanities Institute taking place in Summer 2022 was made possible by a grant from the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI). The Global Humanities Institute is scheduled to be held at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. It will include keynote addresses from renowned scholars in the field and consider issues such as how matters of scale fundamentally shape understandings of climate change and its effects at specific times and places; how "scale literacy” can identify the sources and attributes of climate injustice; and how narratives, activist frameworks, and planning strategies might promote collective action to mitigate climate change, more evenly distribute the impacts of climate disruption, and work towards climate justice. The themes are also related to the current Faculty Fellows theme, "Environment in the Humanities/Humanities in the Environment." Visit our blog to keep up with relevant issues.

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