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Call for Applications

2020-2022 Humanities Institute Faculty Fellows Seminar

The Humanities in the Environment/The Environment in the Humanities

Extended Deadline: May 15, 2020.

The Humanities Institute welcomes applications from University of Texas faculty for the 2020-22 Faculty Fellows Seminar on “The Humanities in the Environment/The Environment in the Humanities.” With this theme, the Humanities Institute launches a two-year inquiry centered in the emerging discipline of the environmental humanities, with both “the humanities” and “the environment” understood broadly. We aim to consider new ways to think with and complexify notions of “human”, “nature,” and “environment,” and welcome inquiries into human/environmental entanglements in the past, present, and future. We seek proposals grounded in such fields as environmental history, environmental ethics, environmental justice, environmental health, environmental education, ecocriticism, architecture, science and technology studies, and feminist and queer geographies, among others. Topics may range from social and cultural dimensions of climate change and resource depletion to utopian and dystopian fiction, indigenous and postcolonial cosmologies, generational politics, challenges of scale, and hope and despair, to mention just a few.

Applications are accepted from across the University, with the approval of the Chair of the applicant’s department. Successful applicants are appointed as Humanities Institute Fellows for 2020-2022, and receive a one-course teaching load reduction for either Spring 2021 or Fall 2021. During the semester of the course reduction, each Faculty Fellow is expected to attend the Faculty Fellow Seminar weekly, and to lead one session on their ongoing research related to the theme. The Seminar will close with a Faculty Fellows Symposium in Spring 2022.

The Faculty Fellows will also invite four to six guest scholars to lead one session of the seminar and deliver a public lecture in the Institute's Distinguished Visiting Lecture Series on the theme. Information on past seminars and lectures is available on the Institute’s web site, which also includes a roster of former Faculty Fellows.

Applications for a Humanities Institute Faculty Fellowship must include three documents:
(1) a current curriculum vitae, (2) a 2-3 page statement describing the nature of the interest, expertise, and/or current project that you would bring to the seminar, and indicating whether you would be available to participate in Spring 2021, Fall 2021, or (ideally) in either semester; and (3) an HI Seminar Participation Agreement form, signed by you and your department chair. Please read the agreement form carefully before signing it.

Application forms for the 2020-22 Faculty Fellows Seminar are available here. Applications are due May 15, 2020, and should be sent to For more information, please contact Institute director Pauline Strong,, or program coordinator Kathryn North at

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