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ICA's mission to Ukraine has in recent years expanded to a point where conservation and management of cultural resources in Ukraine are now important aspects of our work. At Chersonesos, we actively support the NPTC in its aim to assure the preservation of the ancient city and surrounding chora for future generations. The ICA conservation project involves the collaboration of international experts and the staff of the NPTC in an effort to produce a comprehensive and coordinated conservation plan for the city, chora and museum, involving all aspects of objects conservation, site conservation, collections care, and museum and archive practice. ICA's philosophy of conservation at Chersonesos is one of sustainability, with an emphasis on the onward development of the professional and personal skills of the staff of the NPTC. ICA is currently working with the NPTC to undertake a condition survey of the excavated structures in the city, an assessment of the condition of the museum and archive collection, a program of objects and site conservation on ICA excavations in the city and chora, and projects to conserve the collection of mosaics and Hellenistic stelai in the museum collection. All ICA conservation projects are designed to be achievable and sustainable using locally available material and personnel and are run as training schools to facilitate the transfer the skills from the ICA experts to the NTPC staff and local community.