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Management Plan/UNESCO Nomination

The Institute of Classical Archaeology is an integral partner in the archaeological site management of the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos in Sevastopol, Ukraine.   In addition to its research activities at Chersonesos ICA is involved in assisting the Preserve and the Ukrainian government in their efforts to nominate the site to the UNESCO World Heritage List.   One of the main requirements of a nomination application is the development and implementation of a site management plan, which sets out mechanisms for the short- and long-term maintenance and monitoring of all of the Preserve's spheres of activity such as research, conservation, education, visitor services, and outreach.   ICA has invited international experts in the field of archaeological site management to help co-ordinate the creation of such a plan among the Preserve, the local and national government, regional tourist authorities, universities, the local community.

The uniqueness and 'outstanding universal value' of Chersonesos which merits World Heritage status lies in the relationship that is evidenced between its ancient city and chora.   ICA is currently working in tandem with the Preserve to create the first archaeological park in the chora of Chersonesos in an effort to preserve a representative example of ancient farmhouses and a portion of the grid system which divided the Herakleian Peninsula into agricultural land plots.   In the future visitors to Chersonesos will be able to witness for themselves the interdependence of an ancient Greek city and its chora.

A successful nomination of Chersonesos to the World Heritage List will result in significant benefits to the site.   It will raise the international prestige of Chersonesos and attract more tourist revenue both for the site and the city of Sevastopol, which is currently transforming itself from a military-industrial complex to a center for Crimean tourism.   Finally, the UNESCO stamp will provide Chersonesos its rightful place among the world's most outstanding cultural heritage sites.